Benefit of High Energy Athletic Training

Benefit of High Energy Athletic Training

High Energy Athletic Training (HEAT) is a style of training that is becoming increasingly popular. It is an extension of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which has been a highly popular style of training in recent years.

HEAT helps you stimulate both your mind and body, by speeding up your bodily processes as well as your brain cells (neurons), to help give you optimal muscle control and movement. Read on to learn more about the benefits of HEAT:

Shred Fat

HEAT is designed to elevate your heart rate and keep it at an elevated level. It focuses on your major muscle groups as well as your minor muscles.  Think of it in this way – the higher you can get your heart rate and keep it there during your workout, the more energy you will burn. An increase in your heart rate means that more blood gets pumped which helps in nourishing you muscles.

When your heart rate stays elevated in your HEAT training, you also use more fat to supply energy for the working muscles.  This is the best way to shred fat at an enhanced rate and, combined with a proper diet, make your entire body lean in relatively less time.

Increase Muscle Fiber

In comparison to other popular high intensity forms of exercise, HEAT is not intended to cause you to bulk out and get huge (also known as hypertrophy).  HEAT is more geared towards strengthening your muscles, by increasing the number of muscle fibers in a muscle group.  Throughout the progression of HEAT workouts, you are pushed to a higher intensity, which  helps you increase your body’s strength.

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Improve Flexibility

One of the downsides to lifting weights is that you tend to develop a smaller range of motion in a particular joint- which is also known as having reduced flexibility.  This can cause injury in the long run. This is also a major reason why those who perform higher intensity exercises might be at risk of sustaining injuries.

HEAT is a unique way to workout as it incorporates your joints’ full range of motion, which helps the flexibility of your joints. This helps reduce the strain on your muscles, and also helps in preventing injuries.

Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Numerous studies have demonstrated the importance of high intensity exercise for improving insulin sensitivity (which helps make your body’s insulin more efficient).  HEAT helps you workout at higher heart rates, which helps you shred glucose from your blood quickly. This means that you will use less insulin when you eat after a HEAT session.  Therefore, HEAT is helpful to anyone who has, or is at the risk of having, diabetes.

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