Getting Fit Doesn’t Need to Be Expensive

Getting Fit Doesn’t Need to Be Expensive

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A lot of people associate getting fit with things such as going to the gym, consuming expensive healthy foods and eating supplements that cost way too much for a month’s supply. The mentality surrounding weight loss and getting fit can be rather corrupted and twisted, and it’s hard to tell whether a product is actually good for you or if it’s being sold to try and steal your money. However, once you realise the science being getting fit (don’t worry, it’s not scary!) it’s actually very simple to lose weight without having to spend extra money.

The key to getting fit

Getting fit relies on one simple scientifically proven fact: lose more calories than you eat. This might sound daunting after you realise that your 30-minute jog burns as many calories as two slices of bread with peanut butter, but you also need to remember what your calories actually do. When you eat food, it’s converted into fuel which is presented by the number of calories we eat. The more you eat, the more energy you have to burn. This burning of energy is what keeps us fit. If we eat too many calories, it’s stored as fat which can be seen as fuel for our bodies.

Our bodies naturally burn this fat as a means to stay alive, and people can burn anywhere from 1500 to 3000 calories in a day just by being themselves. In short, if you want to get fit, remember the golden rule of consuming less than you burn. Use a BMR calculator to determine how many calories you actually burn in a day just by living and then use that as a guideline on how much you should eat.

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Workouts don’t need to be done at the gym

A gym subscription is expensive—we all know that. That’s why many of us are put off the idea of getting fit because getting access to those amazing machines costs money. However, if you’re willing to look for deals on sites like for fitness equipment, then you’ll find that it’s actually much more affordable than you think. In fact, you don’t even need fitness equipment to actually work out. Search for deals on an affordable and sturdy pair of running shoes and you have the ultimate budget workout—running! Don’t buy into the lies of special equipment that can help you burn fat. Instead, do your research and look up what exercises are good for toning the muscles you want to target, and you’ll discover that workouts can be done at home with very inexpensive pieces of equipment such as a chin-up bar. In addition, fitness training for the office worker can be done at any time and anywhere! Try working out at home on the weekend or even going outside for all of your workouts in your spare time.

Eating healthily is arguably cheaper

People say that eating healthily is expensive because you need to buy all kinds of different things, and junk food can be extremely affordable in some parts of the world. The price and accessibility of fast food gives it its budget reputation, but as explained by this article from, eating healthily is actually a lot cheaper because the raw ingredients simply cost less. Buying a couple of fruits and vegetables is going to always be cheaper than buying a cooked meal—it just depends on if you’re willing to cook or not.

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