Best food items to eat pre and post workout sessions

food items to eat smoothie shakes

If you go for exercise or workout on daily basis then taking appropriate food to help your body grow is an essential element .Taking right food gives nutrition to your body and mind which keep you fit and your brain mentally active and alert throughout the day helping you take right decisions all the time with full focus.

So come on folks without any further delay lets hop on the list of some beneficial food items you need to include in your daily regime to get fit and healthy in long run besides building your body .

Pre workout

Pre workout food needs to provide you energy to push yourself to next level and perform without losing your body strength and metabolism, so here are few food items which would help to provide required energy while your workout routine.

  1. Protein shake

Protein shakes are liked by all athletics and seems to be a go to drink for all the gym people as its tasty to drink and gives you lot of energy as its filled with proteins and other essential elements that body requires .

To make it much more delicious ,you can add fruits ,Greek yogurt ,cream and some granola for having some thickness in your favourite shake and get a daily boast of energy before starting your workout regime.

  1. Fruits and peanut butter sandwich

Carbs helps you get energy while workout for which fruits and sandwich is a nice source which seems to be light food to eat yet energetic ,so make a sandwich with peanut butter ,fruits and some whole wheat bread and enjoy your energy kick when you feel low .food items to eat toast and fruits

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Moreover you can choose banana as it comes with lot of potassium which helps to keep you going when you are working out or racing as you tend to loose lot of it via sweat and start felling low on energy.

  1. Oatmeal and fruits

Oatmeal is a one of the best meal I prefer to eat pre workout and any exercise regime as it helps to keep the body stable while working by providing energy slowly. Adding fruits makes it more tasty and keeps you’re body hydrated for much longer.

food items to eat oats and berries

Post workout

Post workout food need to fulfil 2 requirements i.e provide energy and restore body electrolytes besides rehydrating you for keeping your body strong and sound from within. Thats why here we have come up with some of the food items that will fulfil this requirements right below.

  1. Whole wheat sandwich with vegetable

Whole wheat sandwich with veggies like spinach etc which helps in lowering your blood pressure, curbing your appetite, reducing inflammation, boasting your complexation, increasing your muscles is a good choice, you can add tuna also in it which helps to provide the required carbs and proteins to build body in spite of being low on calories .you can add hummus also if you like to eat .

food items to eat healthy sandwich

  1. Grilled salmon with veggies

Grilled salmon in a high quality indoor grill comes with lots of proteins and bio active peptides which helps in reduction of inflammation, makes bones and joints more strong besides regulating the body insulin .veggies with it helps to provide fibres and other vitamins for your body to help it recover and gain strength post workout .

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food items to eat salmon salad

  1. Carbohydrate based food and drinks

Post workout your body is low on energy ,so carb based food items like grilled chicken ,potatoes etc helps to give you required energy along with some lean proteins ,so its definitely a good choice to take them .

Moreover you can have some drinks too like juice, shakes, smoothies etc for health benefits .Also remember while you hit the gym you can take a fruit infused water bottle with you as it helps to hydrate your body and provide essential vitamins to you easily besides making your water tasty to drink.

Hope you liked our little collection of some food items which would help you build your body metabolism and physic in long run when eaten regularly as per schedule.

Done forget to share this with all your friends and family members who goes for workout daily, as it may help them built stronger body and healthy mind for long time .

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