Core Blimey! 3 Exercises to Strengthen You

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When we think of exercise, we usually rate it on how much fat or how many calories it burns while you’re doing it. Sure, cardio is amazingly good for this, and running is just one of many activities that can be undertaken in order to increase your stamina as well as losing weight, but there are so many more things that we can take from exercise.

Improving your core strength is important for more than one reason. Not only is it good for helping you to look thinner, as it retracts and works out your core muscles, but is good for posture, balance and protecting your organs. And doing workouts to strengthen your core aren’t anything fancy – most of them can be done without the need for any additional props.


Plyometrics are relatively new on the exercise scene. They involve using the maximum force that you can exert in the shortest period of time, so box jumps are the perfect thing for you to do in order to strengthen the muscles that you would be using. This exercise is great for improving your coordination, as you usually have to be able to judge where you are going to be landing and assess how much power and effort you will have to put into your jumps in order to execute it successfully. You may wish to use a plyometric box in order to start your training, and these generally are the safer option; they have withstood rigorous testing in order to withstand the weight and force that is to be put upon them. Otherwise, training with things you have around you, like benches and walls, is fine too – as long as you can guarantee that they are stable enough to take you.

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Yoga & Pilates

These two different activities are often just popped together under the same umbrella definition of “exercises that can both relax and strengthen you”. Any seasoned yoga or pilate exerciser will tell you that this is a pretty starry-eyed definition; the workout that you do in any one class is enough to make you drip with sweat. Yoga works out every muscle in your body, and you will do different moves to counterbalance any one exertion that you make on a particular part. Pilates mainly focuses on mid-section and back and strengthening those. Both of them are extremely good for your core, and if you are not used to any of the exercises that are presented to you, get ready to get a whole lot more flexible than you were before…

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Floor Exercises

Push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, planks – these are all exceptional examples of things that can be done in your home, for free, to strengthen your core. You don’t have to have anything fancy around you or any extra equipment – you just need to listen to and trust in your own body to do the workout. Get a source of motivation in your mind and keep going for as long as you are able to. You won’t regret it.

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