Quitting Weed Made Me More Sociable

Quitting Weed marijuana social skills

If you are tired of the ‘Ghost Chase’ in the endeavor to achieve that same high you got when you first started smoking then stick around and read this. There may be something in these words that you can grasp onto and take along. Hopefully this will boost you up and give you that push you need to come back. This is a testimonial referencing to what weed takes and getting it back.

What It Took:

Smoking begins as a recreational resource to enhance social experiences. In truth, it is a progressive drug that eases into you. Before you even realize it, you are getting high alone, which is a prominent side effect of weed use. Progressive!

Isolation in the interest of self-discovery becomes the cover lie for what is becoming anti-social behavior. It is easy to convert from an outgoing person to an introvert who gets anxious in the company of others. Accompanying the feelings of angst will be a degree of fear, with a tendency to convert into illogical anger. While you smoke you tell yourself “It’s easy to quit weed, I’ll stop when I want too.”

How It Took It:

Weed use may start out moderately and you may go-in with the best of intentions. Quickly and silently this becomes a fictional promise. Before you even realize what is happening you are smoking more. Next you will seek out your own version of a supplier. After that, you realize that you are getting very stoned alone and enjoying it immensely. That is the point where reality hits you, you have crossed over.

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After reaching this point, most likely you start isolating with your stash. You enjoy the insight of yourself that you get when you are high. You also covet your stash that much. In progression, the weed will be the most important thing in your life. This is the time in your active use that will only endear your reaching out to anyone else is when your stash runs dry and the avenues of restocking are blocked for whatever reason. Then you will endeavor to seek another user who may have the precious resource.

Getting It Back:

The only way to get you back to you is through making the decision to refrain from weed use and following through, even though it will require that you maintain a super warrior mode. Stopping will run you through a series of physiological and psychological changes but the end reward will be worth it.

There are a few resources that you can explore in the effort to change. For one you can try reaching out to a group resource from your church or a community group. NA is a great program that might help and there are people in the groups that understand exactly where you are. Another source you can reach out to is professional counseling if you don’t think you have the mettle to go it alone. There is no shame in going to group therapy; it’s quite rewarding.

Hello Me, Back to Life:

“There I Was, Here I Am,” is a leading line in the song Changed by Rascal Flatts. There were never truer words spoken that ensconced the place where you are. Recovery is a battle that is often lost and even hopeless for some people but when you are winning, after the first week or two, it’s a new life experience. This is a whole new brand of discovery with wonder included as a bonus.

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This is the truest form of discovering who you really are.

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