Food for growth for babies

Food for weaning babies eating

Each baby is different from other. So, when it comes to try solid foods on them, the parents need to be very careful. Each baby has their own taste and will react differently to different solid foods.

It is the best idea not to try anything solid on your baby unless he or she is at least six months old. Before that breast milk is the only thing that they can have. After that, mother’s milk is not enough as a nutrient to the baby’s body. Then only you need to introduce solid foods to them. They need iron and other things for their body’s growth and so healthy food is a must for them.

Weaning foods are thus very important for them. The best thing to start with is the puree of different vegetables. You can go for vegetables like carrots, potatoes, sponge gourd and pumpkin. The other good option for their solid food is the purees of different fruits. To start with, one can try fruits like pears, ripe apples and mashed ripe bananas. Gluten free baby cereals and fortified baby rice cereals can also be very good for them.sss

Purees can be the best thing to start with though. They are soft and easy to swallow. Also, one has to keep in mind that baby will also learn to chew their foods at the same time.  So, if something soft and well mashed is given to them, it will be easy for them to chew. You can also give them sweet cereal purees as they taste nice and your baby will like it. Do not add any salt or sugar or any kind of sweeteners to their purees. Let them have the exact taste of the food.

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When they grow a little older, you can start with some other purees as well. You can go for poultry or lean meat as well. Then there are lentils and split peas which is also very good for their health. You can then start mixing some vegetables and make purees out of them. You can mix two three vegetable together like potatoes and pumpkins and then mash them together to make a puree out of it. You can also start giving them vegetable like broccoli, cabbage and spinach when they are at least seven months old. Start giving them cream milk, fruit custards and paneer as well when they are seven months old. But one thing has to be remembered that you should not give your baby cow’s milk at this age. This milk is heavy and so it is not a very easy thing to digest. You can only give them cow’s milk when they are at least a year old.

There is always a method when you introduce solid food to your baby. Do not try with a huge amount of food because you never know what they like and what they do not. So, whatever you give them, start with a very little amount, and then gradually increase the amount when they like having them. Then gradually you can start on citrus foods like orange and lemon juices which has plenty if Vitamin C.

Buy no matter what you give, try to mash them and make them soft as you babies do not have teeth and they will not be able to chew or swallow hard things.

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