How to Eat Properly When You Want to Lose Weight

Eat Properly and lose weight food

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If you want to lose weight, then you have to realise that eating properly is far more important than getting regular exercise. You should think of exercise as a way to improve your heart and reduce your risk of disease. This is especially important if you live a sedentary lifestyle that involves sitting at a desk for the majority of the day. This article at has a couple of great stretches you can do at your desk if you live a rather inactive lifestyle; it’s always good to get up and stretch a little or shake your legs a bit while you work.

But eating properly is something that is rather difficult for most people in the world. This is because time and effort play major factors in eating properly, and unless you have great discipline in the kitchen, you’re probably going to throw in a couple of additives or extra bits of food into your meal without realising it. For instance, forgetting to remove the skin off a chicken before cooking and eating it, pouring a bit too much cereal in the morning or even adding too much sauce to your stir fry. All of these contribute to extra calories and, in all honesty, they don’t add much to the flavour in most cases.

Learn what goes into your meals

Whether you’re making protein-packed smoothies or cooking lunch for you and your spouse, you need to learn what goes into your food if you want to eat properly. This is easily done by reading the packaging of anything you cook. You’ll find that most sauce-based foods that use dairies such as milk or cream are loaded with calories, and many sweet things that contain real sugar are also very high in calories. You want to try your best to avoid these and instead, use alternatives whenever possible.

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Learn new recipes

A fun way to learn about cooking is to visit diet recipes for various other plans. For instance, at, you’ll find recipes that are very low in calorie count that are specifically made for the HCG diet. Keep in mind that when you use recipes from other diet plans, you need to consider what nutrients and minerals you are getting from the food. If it’s not enough, then consider taking supplements such as a multivitamin or fish oil tablets.

Learn how to prep food

No, this doesn’t mean learn how to fillet a fish or debone a chicken. What this means is to prepare food for the sake of saving time, money and effort. For instance, if you find yourself leaning towards junk food on a regular basis because it’s convenient, then you could spend one or two days each week preparing several meals that can act as microwave meals. Simply cook some chicken, rice and vegetables, and keep them in containers that are safe to use in the microwave. Once you’re hungry, simply pop them into the oven for a few minutes or empty them into a pan to heat it up and serve. It’s fast, convenient, and much healthier for you.

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