Leg Strength Training For Professionals

Leg Strength Training professional squat

Our legs are two of our most important body parts, as they are what gets us around and very few physical activities are possible without them. Being an athlete or a runner is a tough job which can’t be achieved without extensive exercising. While it isn’t always possible to make your way to the gym for a hardcore leg workout, there ways to do leg strength training at home to keep them fit and ready for life’s challenges:

Seated Leg Extensions

You don’t necessarily need a fancy leg extension machine to get your legs fit. Do some leg extensions in your favorite chair at home. Sit comfortably in a chair, with your legs hanging off the end of the chair, then simply raise and lower them several times. If you have some ankle weights: Put them on for some extra resistance.

Squat Thrusts

Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and perform some free-standing squat thrusts. These can be spiced up a bit by jumping as you trust upwards. Doing a jumping thrust will increase the impact on your knees, hips and back, so do them with caution. Weight training for legs at home don’t need to be done with your body weight only: You can have your child, friend, spouse, etc. on your back for extra weight if you can handle them.

Stretching Exercises

Increasing the blood flow in your legs will be beneficial to your entire body, as much of our circulatory system is located in the legs. At least five minutes of stretching should be done before any leg exercises at home.

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Toe Touch

Stand with your feet close together and knees slightly bent: Now, with a straight back bend over and try to touch your toes with your fingertips. Eventually you should be able to touch the floor with your fingertips and later, maybe even try putting your hands in a fist and touching your knuckles to the ground.

Quad Stretch

Use your left hand to reach behind your left leg and grab your right ankle: Next, pull your right ankle up to your butt and hold for five seconds. Alternate and use your right hand to reach behind your right leg and grab your left ankle: Then pull your left ankle up to your butt and hold for five seconds.

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