Foods to avoid on a Low Carb Diet

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Low-Carb diets are nothing new and the science shows that they can help with weight loss as well as combating other health issues such as heart disease and diabetes. When you’re on a Low-Carb diet, there are a lot of foods that you obviously shouldn’t be eating. Unfortunately there are a lot of staple foods that you might not necessarily realise have a lot of carbs. A lot of these are foods that are marketed as healthy so you might find yourself struggling to lose weight even though you might think you’re getting the diet right. Cutting these foods out is the key to maintaining recommended levels of Carbohydrates.


Cutting out high sugar snack foods is the first step to any diet and you’ve probably already replaced your favourite snacks with a healthy option. Unfortunately a lot of these replacements might have as much, or even more sugar in them: fruit juice for example. A can of Cola contains around 24 grams of Carbs, 12 ounces of Apple juice contains 48 grams, that’s double the amount. This is even worse in the form of fruit juice because they are fast digesting carbs that will not keep you full for very long at all.

You can find more information on hidden sugars here.

Breakfast Cereal

Cereal is often thought of as a healthy breakfast, and it can be, if you choose carefully. There are hundreds of options for breakfast cereals these days but a lot of them are not compatible with a Low-Carb diet. Oatmeal is popular because they give you a good amount of slow release energy but a single serving can contain as much as 30g of Carbohydrates.

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There are a few good options for breakfast cereal so you don’t have to write it off completely. Porridge contains 10 grams of Carbohydrates per serving. Although this is still fairly high, porridge can be incorporated into a Low-Carb diet. Muesli is also a good choice but many of the shop bought varieties are packed with sugar so it’s best to buy the ingredients and make your own. If you have a strict exercise regime you may want to add supplements. The products sold by companies like focus performance will ensure that your body gets the fuel that it needs.  

If you’re not sure about cereal, have a look at some recipes for breakfast alternatives.


White Bread is often avoided on diets because it is well known that it is packed with Carbohydrates and Sugar. Unfortunately, a lot of people make the mistake of replacing it with whole grain varieties. These do have reduced levels of sugar but the Carbohydrate content is higher. A slice of white bread contains around 17 grams of Carbs whereas whole grain contains 19 grams.

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Fruit and Vegetables

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Fruit and Vegetables seem like a safe food for somebody trying to lose weight and in most cases they are. But on a Low-Carb diet, there are some varieties that should be limited. Starchy vegetables like potatoes are a more obvious one but even a single orange contains the same level of Carbohydrates as a slice of white bread.

The best thing to do on a Low-Carb diet is to thoroughly check the packaging on the food that you buy. If you are maintaining a strict exercise regime alongside your diet then it might be worth using some supplements to ensure your body gets everything that it needs.

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