Safe Exercising After Plastic Surgery

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Most of the patients hurry to go back to their lives and everyday routines, but they’re scared it will ruin the results of the procedures. Doctors encourage physical activity and it has been proven it has many physical and psychological benefits on post-op recovery and results. Here is what experts say on the subject of exercise after plastic surgery and on how you should exercise during your recovery.

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Activity after the surgery

The first few days you should take it easy and rest. A few steps around the room is fine (encouraged even) because it will promote circulation, but anything over that is too much.

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hand tools of plastic surgeonFirst two weeks after the surgery

As you feel your energy coming back and pain decreasing you will want to start doing some activities. Light walks or slow spinning is highly recommended, but listen to your body and don’t expect to have your usual energy level right away. Try not to get your heart rate too high and keep things low speed. After you feel like you’ve regained your energy, you will be able to start doing some workouts that are modified according to your procedure and physical fitness level.

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Exercising after breast procedures

One thing doctors are concerned about after breast procedures (breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lift) is the recovery of pectoral muscles. When doing breast augmentation most of the implants are placed in a pocket under the pectorial muscle, so it’s crucial to let it heal slowly and properly. You want the scar tissue to be invisible, so you have to take it easy. So during the first four weeks, it’s advisable to use pectoral muscles as little as possible. Try not to lift anything over 5 kilos, don’t push or pull heavy objects and avoid heavy purses. Avoid any exercise that involves the use of pecs and even arms. Concentrate on lower body exercises, but moderate cardio training is allowed too. Walking and cycling is fine, but avoid jogging and jumping that will put stress on the pecs. Only after four weeks can you start using your arms and chest during the workout, but still be very careful. After everything heals properly, you can go back to your pecs and arm exercises. Eventually you will regain all your chest strength and you will not need to spare those muscles anymore.

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Exercising after tummy tuck

After a tummy tuck it’s good to start walking around your home as soon as you are released from the clinic. This way you will promote circulation and thus accelerate healing. Experts say that most patients can go back to their normal workout routine after 6 weeks from the surgery. If you like to pump some iron in the gym, take it slow in order not to pop the sutures and incisions. Gradually build weight until you reach your old form.

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Exercising after facial procedures

No matter what treatment you had (a facelift, brow lift or an eyelid lift) the most important thing is to take it easy with physical activities that increase your heart rate and blood pressure. In these procedures a surgeon operates just under the skin where there are thousands of small and fragile vessels and they can easily bleed after even the slightest blood pressure increase. You can do light cardio such as walking or slow spinning, but not before the fourth week of recovery. If you’ve done any cosmetic surgery in Perth you can consult with their experts, but usually you can go back to your normal physical activities after 6 weeks after the procedure.

The most important thing is to listen to your surgeon and your own body and you will have the best results in the end of your recovery.

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