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Cancer, it’s even frightening to look at the word written down, isn’t it? We hear that word, and we immediately think doom, and if you feel that way, you’re not alone. Lots of people just can’t wrap their heads around that word. It’s terrifying, and if we do have to go to the doctors, we just pray that they never say the C word. However, like any fear, the best way to deal with cancer is to understand it so let’s look at some of the important details that you might not be aware of.

Most Cancer Is Curable

This is absolutely true and while you might think that cancer automatically means death that’s far from the case. Take testicular cancer as an example. Did you know that 99 percent of cases of testicular cancer are completely curable? That’s an important fact to consider because a lot of people don’t check for signs of cancer. If they do have it, they don’t want to know because they think it means a death sentence. So, they opt for the ignorance is bliss approach. That’s dangerous for one important reason.

Catching It Early Is Crucial

You might have the signs of a dangerous type of cancer like colorectal cancer, quite common in certain areas of the world. Some of the symptoms include diarrhea and constipation. If you do recognize the symptoms of this type of cancer, it’s best to get it checked out with colonoscopy screening for cancer. If you do have the disease, then catching it early dramatically raises the chances of successful treatment. So, by being scared of even hearing the word, you could be lowering your chances of getting the treatment that could save your life. However, if you do have what you think are signs of cancer you shouldn’t immediately start to panic.

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Cancer Shares Symptoms

Type in any symptom at all into Google, and you’ll definitely find at least one result claiming that it’s a sign of cancer. It probably is, but there are a few things to realize. First of all, most cancers have multiple symptoms, and some have none at all. It doesn’t always play by the same rules. Second, cancer is a lot rarer than most people realize. So, it’s far more likely to be something benign, and a great example is petechiae. What are petechiae? They are little burst blood vessels underneath the skin that appear as bright red spots. Now, petechiae can be linked to Leukemia. However, it can also be caused by excessive straining, stress and even allergic reactions. Sometimes they are caused due to a change in your diet. So, while the internet may claim it’s cancer, a doctor will most likely tell you otherwise. As such, you might never have to deal with the C-word.

Medicine Changes Every Day

Finally, even if you do get that scary diagnosis, you have to remember that medicine is evolving and improving every day. So, while things might seem dire now you never know what could be on the market for cancer patients in just a few months. The message? Don’t panic until you are sure there’s something to panic about.

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