How Exercise Can Improve Your Digestive System

Digestive System outdoor running

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An unsettled stomach can be an incredibly distracting, infuriating and tiring feeling. This is because our gut has a huge effect on our mental and physical state. Still, how does this knowledge help you? Well, if you can work on your mental and physical state, you’ll find that your gut begins to sort itself out. The best way to do this is through exercise, as it has a hugely positive influence over the body and the mind.

You can’t do one without the other. A healthy exercise routine, even if you’re only doing it on a casual basis, depends on the right sort of diet. Remember protein and you’ll find that your muscles increase their strength, rather than feeling brittle and battered. Your body requires a fine balance, which can be hard to find at first. That’s why I’m going to explain a few things which might help you find that balance and hopefully improve your digestive flow.

Exercise keeps everything within the body active and moving.

It’s easier to view exercise as a simple means to an end; slimming down, improving muscle strength, or cardiovascular fitness. All of this is true, of course, but exercise, whether running or lifting weights, has a huge effect on the internal elements of our body.

Exercise keeps everything flowing. Blood circulation is improved, of course, but keeping an active lifestyle can also improve your digestive system. A healthy lifestyle, compromising of a mere 30 minutes running each day, could do wonders for an unsettled or bloated stomach. You’ll find, after a week or two, that you already start to lose that tight knot in your belly, because your digestive tract will be moving more easily. It definitely helped me lose that groggy feeling once and for all.

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Remember, diet is important to effective exercise.

Of course, a healthy amount of exercise only works if coupled with a healthy eating pattern. Your body is strengthened, but also drained by exercise, which means you need to consider the foods you eat and the effect they have on your body. If you think your bowel irritation extends beyond mere IBS, you might want to get checked for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). That sort of bowel problem is a little more specific and requires a different approach.

It’s a good idea to look into the best diet for sibo, if it does turn out that this is the problem with your digestive system. You might find that simply eating different kinds of food makes exercising much easier, which, in turn, makes your stomach (and your entire body, for that matter) feel much better.

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Remember, an unsettled digestive system is the result of numerous mental and physical factors. When you think, eat and exercise better, you’ll find your stomach settles. Of course, make sure you don’t eat immediately before exercising. Our gut bacteria controls our brain, in a sense, but the same works in reverse. If you can work on maintaining your mental health, eating better and exercising better, all of these elements will work in unison. It’s a positive cycle, as every healthy aspect of your body and mind feeds into other aspects of your body. What seems like an uphill climb today will be a leisurely stroll tomorrow.

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