Exercise is a Natural Anxiety-Reducer

Natural Anxiety-Reducer

Exercise can be a wonderful addiction. Ask anyone who is a regular runner or who hits the gym everyday and they’ll tell you how they simply can’t get enough. While it may sound unbelievable to those who don’t work out regularly, sweating and getting your heart rate up really can feel great.
It turns out that there’s science that explains why working out makes us feel so good. Did you know that exercise is a natural anxiety-reducer? It affects your brain in a lot of different ways, helping you sleep like a baby and boosting your memory. Working out also improve your immune system and lessen your risk of getting injured, which are huge long-term bonuses for a bit of time spent on the treadmill. And the experts at TopStretch.com are ready to share all these benefits with you.

Check out this infographic that explains the many ways that exercise improves mind, body, and life. That way, the next time you start to explain why working out is such an important part of your routine, you’ll understand all the reasons why a workout high isn’t just in your imagination.

natural anxiety reducer exercise infographic

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