How A Virtual Receptionist Service Can Make Your Health Care Service Better?

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It can be difficult for a single receptionist to direct calls across various departments of your healthcare center. The sheer volume of calls would be so high that while redirecting one call, three others may be lost. An effective way to deal with a high volume of calls while maintaining customer relations at a satisfactory level is to opt for a medical receptionist service.

A virtual receptionist can play a pre-recorded welcome message so that customers calling your office can be directed to the appropriate department and talk directly to specialists who can diagnose symptoms without causing inconvenience to your patients. With multiple customer executives, ready to take calls, the medical receptionist service will make sure that patients receive the best attention if they are in distress. Companies that provide a virtual receptionist also provide a toll-free number for patients to call further improving customer relations while also being an effective marketing tool.

Benefits of Professional Medical Receptionist Service:

Multiple call capabilities: Virtual receptionist services offer 3, 5 or 10 lines as per the cost involved, meaning that the switchboard can handle a large volume of calls as compared to a single receptionist.  An increased call-handling capability would mean that not only is the prospective customer base improved, but there is also the added assurance of improved customer relations.

Call re-routing: A very relevant issue in the case of the healthcare sector is the loss of customers during call handling. Customers can grow impatient and opt for another healthcare service if they are connected to the wrong department and then must explain the situation to another person. A medical receptionist service with relevant call-handling protocol will ensure proper handling of calls and provide a smooth call–flow, providing better customer experience.

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Language preference: An initial language selection key-in can make a huge difference, especially in the case elderly migrants who may not be completely comfortable in English. Some callers may be in discomfort, and in such a case, communicating in the language of their choice can help them communicate their difficulties properly.

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Reduce operational expense: Hiring multiple receptionists and asking them to reroute calls from customers to multiple departments can place a large burden on your finances. Employing a medical receptionist service can be a cost-effective and efficient way to maintain good customer relations.

24×7 Service: Even during holidays and off days, the call line can be maintained open with the help of the medical receptionist service. These customers can be given appointments on the subsequent days or directly connected to the doctor in case they require urgent attention.

Why A Virtual Receptionist Matters in the Healthcare Industry?

Usually, when a customer calls in and a specialist is not available, it is inevitable that they will go on to the next specialist that they can find. If your virtual receptionist can schedule a call back for the time the specialist returns and informs the customer of this, the risk of losing a customer is heavily reduced.

In addition to that, a toll-free line though medical receptionist service can greatly increase the volume of calls you receive. When given a choice between a paid call and a toll-free call, all customers will undoubtedly go for the toll-free number.

Installing a virtual receptionist means that all your daily appointment schedules are ready, with time left out to accommodate emergency cases as well. This means busy doctors can be engaged in their duty effectively and focus completely on diagnosis and cure. This can enhance the efficiency of your workplace greatly and improve the employee experience you offer.

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