Can You Really Cheat a Drug Test?

Can You Really Cheat a Drug Test?

You land your dream job and you know for sure you won’t pass that drug test. The good news is, you do not have to miss out on that job. How, you ask? Synthetic urine. Yes, that’s a thing and its legitimate.

This phenomenon is becoming increasingly popular and is readily available online and at selected smoke shops or similar shops.

Here is all that you need to know about this magic urine, drug tests and much more.

So what is this synthetic urine?

It is commonly referred to as fake pee or in other words, laboratory urine. This liquid contains properties that are similar to human urine. Most people use it to pass drug tests when required.

Fake pee requires a lot of care when using it, or else it will end up being detected. It takes a little effort to make it work and messing up just a bit will put you at risk of being caught.

Laboratory urine is packaged in various forms; some are prepared solutions while others come in powder form. Both have an expiry date and so it is important to replace any unused substance that you have been holding onto for a while.

Some fake pee should not be used eight hours after use and some are single use only and therefore it’s important to read the instructions carefully before and after use.

So does it really work?

Does it work? Yes it does. Fake pee can certainly help you fake a drug test, which is what it is designed for. Many people have successfully been able to pass their drug tests by using laboratory urine. It is very risky and you must take extra caution while using it, otherwise you might get yourself fired or worse.

If you are adamant about trying it out, then you have a lot to learn to perfect the art of cheating in a drug test. Although fake pee cannot be 100% similar to real urine, with technology, more accurate formulas are being developed.

There are characteristics that you should look for in fake pee to ensure that your chances of acing a drug test are almost guaranteed.

  • Should include urea
  • Should include uric acid
  • Should include nitrates
  • Should include creatine
  • Should hold normal urine pH of between 4.8 and 8
  • The gravity should be just right
  • Should have the right temperature, which is usually 94 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It should have that characteristic urine smell and easily foam naturally
  • And of course, you should be alone, not monitored

How do you ensure that you don’t get caught?

Having the right information and following instructions to the letter is the first step to not getting caught. People buy bladders, temperature strips and other items to ensure that they get it just right.

To avoid any complications, it is important to go for quality laboratory urine. There are many pre-mixed kits with all the right things that are needed to give 100% results and it’s important to do your research well before you buy one.

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