How to Reward Yourself for Reaching Your Fitness Goals

Fitness Goals

It’s important to reward yourself after achieving a major fitness goal, like achieving a new personal best or hitting a milestone weight number. But the last thing you want to do is reward yourself with a bucket of ice cream or a week of skipping the gym.

What are the best ways to reward yourself for reaching your fitness goals?

Ideas for Fitness Rewards

These are some ideas for rewarding yourself after achieving your fitness goals:

  •       New clothes and shoes. One of the best ways to treat yourself after achieving a major fitness milestone is to purchase some new clothes or new shoes. This is helpful because it encourages you to stay in the new shape you’re in – and because it helps you feel good in your own skin. For example, a nice pair of leather shoes could encourage you to go out and feel more confident, and a new dress or shirt that fits you properly could help you show off the body you worked so hard to sculpt.
  •       Outdoor recreation. It’s also valuable to reward yourself with something involving outdoor recreation. Going kayaking, camping, or mountain biking can help you feel exhilarated while simultaneously giving yourself more fresh air and opportunities for natural exercise. These are also great social opportunities, so consider inviting your friends!
  •       Classes. Self-improvement isn’t just about fitness; almost anything you learn can be valuable on a journey to a better you. Accordingly, you should consider rewarding yourself with the gift of classes. Learn a new skill or learn about a topic you’ve always wanted to know about.
  •       A new planner/journal. Gift yourself a new planner or a journal. Even in the digital age, many of us prefer staying organized with something physical and tangible. This could help you track your workouts, your food intake, or just a schedule of upcoming events.
  •       A haircut. Do you feel like a new “you?” Why not make an even more dramatic change to your appearance by getting a new haircut? It could be an opportunity to explore a whole new side of yourself.
  •       A day trip. For some people, a major fitness milestone does warrant a lavish, full vacation. But for most of us, a day trip is more practical and better suited to our budgets. Find a quaint or interesting place and go there for a few days, enjoying the sights and sounds along the way.
  •       A tattoo. Do you want to remember this milestone forever? A tattoo could be a permanent reminder of what you’ve achieved. This could also be a convenient excuse to finally get that tattoo you’ve always wanted.
  •       A massage. There’s a reason why massage is an integral part of the routine of many elite athletes. It’s excellent for your muscles, it can help relieve pain and stress, and it simply makes you feel good. Treat yourself to a massage after reaching your latest fitness milestone.
  •       Family time. Sometimes, the simplest rewards are the best. Play hooky from work and spend a day with your family.
  •       Home gym equipment/workout gear. If you’re passionate about your own fitness, consider splurging on some home gym equipment or new workout gear. Getting a set of dumbbells for home means you’ll be able to get a decent workout in even when you can’t go to the gym. Eventually, you might accumulate enough equipment that you don’t even need a gym membership anymore.
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General Guidelines

If nothing on this list jumps out to you, or if you just want some more ideas, these general guidelines can help you determine whether each idea is a good fit:

  •       Avoid (unhealthy) food and drink rewards. Some people are strongly tempted to indulge in unhealthy foods or drinks as a reward for achieving their fitness goals. There’s nothing wrong with occasionally treating yourself to indulgences you typically exclude, but there is a risk in opening this Pandora’s box; don’t use this as an excuse to return to your old eating habits.
  •       Involve other people. As much as possible, involve other people in your rewards. Socializing with the people you love most is as much of a reward as the specific items on our list. Plus, involving other people in your celebrations will help them support and motivate you in your future fitness aspirations.
  •       Make it easier to stay active and healthy. Choose items and experiences that make it easier for you to stay active and healthy. Even if you feel like your motivation is never going to run out, it’s always good to have convenient, incidental exercise in your schedule.
  •       Don’t disrupt your fitness routine. It’s much easier to preserve a habit if you don’t “break the chain” you’ve already established. Accordingly, none of your fitness rewards should disrupt the flow of your new fitness routine.

Congratulations on reaching your fitness goals, or good luck on reaching them in the near future, depending on where you are in the process. With better rewards in place, you’ll be more motivated to reach these powerful milestones – and you’ll feel prouder for having done so.

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