Know all about country singer Walker Hayes net worth of $5 million!

How many times have you fancied having a lifestyle like the ‘Fancy Like’ hitmaker Walker Hayes? After all, it was only in the December of 2022 that he announced his Duck Buck Tour, and then in the April of 2023, he was seen with his family in Rwanda on his HOPE mission trip. 

As he updates his social media profile stating, “The trip was an answered prayer. Every day for that entire trip was the best day of my life,” one wonders how he manages to churn out hits and yet live such a humble life. This article will douse your curiosity about Walker Hayes net worth and how he’s a total family man despite the mad rush industry he works in! 

What is Walker Hayes net worth? 

From the information gathered by multiple financial experts, his net worth ranges from $4.5 – $5 million. Though this is not the final amount since inflation has not been counted in, however, one may roughly put this amount as an estimate. 

As one of the most popular country singers raking in millions, his lifestyle does not resonate with the same. As a matter of fact, he prefers to live a very simple life and deters from any kind of media controversy. 

Before you go in to find out how he garnered this substantial net worth, it is time to remember his hard work back in the time when he used to work in retail sales in the morning and write songs in the afternoon. Currently, with his massive following and Applebee’s confirmed partnership, one may assume that his professional worth will only grow. 

How did he make his money? 

With Walker Hayes net worth touching millions, all of you who love the beats of country music would want to know how he makes his moolah. For the unversed, he earns a maximum of his cash from his music career (his singles, albums, concert ticket sales, social media posts, TikTok videos, and YouTube music videos).  

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Walker Hayes net worth

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His income from social media – 

For those who came in late – he has a huge presence on social media with close to 900k followers on Instagram, over 330k on Facebook, close to 50k followers on Twitter and touching 2.9 million subscribers on TikTok! Clearly, his whole fanbase cannot seem to have enough of his music and want him to perform more (his Duck Buck Tour return announcement being proof of the same). 

Last noted – sales from his merchandise and concert tickets make up a humongous sum of his total net worth. His YouTube earnings ranged up to $650k, while earnings from his Instagram ads are reportedly within $2-$3k per endorsement. 

His income from music records – 

When you go through his track records, you will soon find most of his numbers raking in the high money thanks to their top positions on the Billboards. Whether it was via his single ‘Pants’ or through his deal with Capitol Records Nashville – he has strategically managed to create a massive fortune for himself. As far as his constant source of income from the musical domain is concerned – he has been 2017 signed on by Monument Records and has been part of the music scene.

His successes in the zone of country music

In recent times, he has been the rising star of country music, along with names like Jimmy Allen and San Hunt. With 3 studio albums under his belt, it was only his recent musical outing – Country Stuff The Album, that helped him reach the top tier in the music standards. For the record, all his albums received the RIAA certification marking his firm presence in the domain. 

Apart from the aforementioned music presentations, he also has a number of tracks under his name, which has substantially pushed the value of Walker Hayes net worth more than what it was previously. 

Walker Hayes net worth


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His career’s biggest success was Reason to Rhyme (2011), followed by Eat Sleep Love And Repeat (2014), Boom, Country Stuff, Fancy Like, and Country Stuff the Album, to name some. Even if you haven’t heard the complete albums, there’s no chance you would have missed out on his singles like – U Gurl and AA. 

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Walker Hayes is a family man

In spite of all his wealth and the substantial figure of Walker Hayes net worth that he has created with time, since his debut, Hayes has been a total family man. In more than a singular case, his fans find him spending time off with his family, at times roaming about the world (recently, the Hayes family posted from Rwanda, where they went for a mission), or they are trekking around the country. 

When you go through his posts, you will see most of them dedicated to his wife as the couple celebrates two decades of their marital union. Recently, he also remembered his daughter Oakleigh who had passed away at birth due to certain complications. Also, in most of his posts, you will find him crediting his family for the success of his songs, and this makes him one of those ideal celebs who remain grounded despite achieving such huge fame. 

Final Thoughts 

Hayes is one easygoing celeb. Despite all the fame and attention that he has garnered over all these years, it does not seem to have changed his kind nature or his connection with his family. In fact, now, with a substantial value added to the official Walker Hayes net worth, he still seems to be the same man that he was years ago when he was a struggling artist. 

One has to agree that it is quite rare to have artists who are so grounded in their roots despite such huge popularity, and this quality marks his difference from others. 

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