Your ultimate tell-all about ‘Southern Charm’ star Madison LeCroy fiance!

Madison LeCroy fiance

While Season 8 of Southern Charm ended, Madison LeCroy – the show’s star- was busy preparing for a new life with her fiance (now husband) – Brett Randle. Since the time LeCroy’s name has been entangled in the Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez controversy – people have been desperately trying to find out details about Madison LeCroy fiance.

If you, too, are part of the fandom of the Southern Charm star – this is where your search ends! This write-up will give you her relationship details, her current professional commitments and a sneak peek into her life. Scroll down to get the details –

Who is Madison LeCroy fiance?

The reality television star is a millionaire, and her now spouse – Brett Randle, is also supposed to have his earnings in the millions – given that he is the account manager of Nike with an earning of around $114,000 (according to GlassDoor updated data).

However, that is not all. As per details revealed by Ultimate Hoops – he has played basketball for Roseville for 3 seasons. Those championships were held in the years 2016 and 2018, and during that time, he took home around $12 million.

Though further details about his basketball career are not available – as far as his professional life is concerned – Madison LeCroy fiance has been serving in a managerial position for several years in its Sacramento, California branch. He is also responsible for prioritizing the sale of athletic apparel and merchandise. However – further details of his former or current professional life are unavailable.

It was a dreamy destination wedding

Before we get to the other facets of Madison LeCroy – it is time we discuss some good news first. Brett Randle and Madison LeCroy have been dating since April 2021, and only in June 2021 did they make their relationship – Instagram official. They had first met in the spring of 2021 at a friend’s bachelorette in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Madison LeCroy fiance
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Then later, the news struck us that – in October 2021, Brett had proposed to Madison with the help of her son Hudson (whom she co-parents with her ex-husband Josh Hughes).

In one of the later episodes of Southern Charm – Madison revealed that she was in a happy space and that Brett thoroughly enjoyed his status as Madison LeCroy fiance.

Once the formal announcement was made – the intimate wedding happened in November in Mexico at Rivera Maya. There were only 30 guests invited to this wedding. Madison looked radiant as the bride decked in a floral embossed sweetheart neckline gown and Nicole Rose earrings. Her son – Hudson- acted as the ring-bearer.

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For the record, the couple had married legally a few days earlier in Charleston. But quite sadly, the couple is in a long-distance relationship – with Brett residing in California due to his professional demands and LeCroy staying in South Carolina with her son due to her future commitments.

However – from the narratives of Madison LeCroy and her posts – one can surely deduce – despite the distance, this one is a classic case of – distance making the heart grow fonder.

The good news doesn’t stop here

Soon after her dreamy marriage, the couple declared they had bought a home. It was a double-porch accentuated Southern home in the suburban of Charleston – spread over 2858 – square feet and boasted of 4 bathrooms and bedrooms each. She had uploaded pictures of her house on her Instagram profile.

A look at LeCroy’s past relationships

To accept a man with a past is considered normal. However – when it is a woman with a past – the acceptance rate drops miserably, even in the 21st century. It is here that Madison LeCroy fiance wins hearts! LeCroy herself stated that the kind of ‘love, compassion, and support’ she gets from her now-husband and fiance is incomparable.

As a matter of fact – not just her but the way Brett and Hudson have gelled together truly warms her heart.

But this slice of the good life has not come without a cost – as Madison agrees. She has had past relationships and the burden of a failed marriage.

For those who do not know – she was initially married to Josh Hughes – the American basketball midfielder. Married at 20 years of age and divorced at 25 years, she had 3-year-old Hudson to care for.

After her unsuccessful marriage, she was in a tumultuous on-off relationship with her Southern Charm co-star Austen Kroll. However – this relationship ended on a very bad note, and there were rumors about her cheating on him.

The Alex Rodriguez controversy

The massive Rodriguez controversy hit her when she was going on and off with Kroll! There was news floating in portals that she had maintained an incandescent relationship with Lopez’s ex – while Rodriguez was in a relationship with Jennifer.

Though she clearly stated that there was no such connection between them and that she had only chatted with him once on Instagram. However, even when she had established her relationship with Brett, Madison LeCroy fiance was questioned over the same. The man, however, completely supported his woman and stood by her like a rock for this tough time to pass.

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Madison LeCroy fiance
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What is she currently doing?

As you already know, she is a reality star. But apart from that – she is a professional make-up artist and hair stylist who works on a freelance basis. For the record – her specialties include – balayage and make-up for print, weddings, photo shoots, and web appearances.

As a salon owner, she is also looking to expand her business. However, she has not shared any further details regarding her business.

Her future plans

There has been no such update on her future plans. However, she intends to expand her professional domains and continue playing the role of an ideal wife. She has admitted multiple times that taking care of the house and Hudson – despite him being on his best behavior most of the time does exhaust her.

A quick sum-up of Madison LeCroy fiance

Now that you already know the story about Madison LeCroy fiance and his other details – how about recapitulating before you leave? Here’s what you must not miss –

1. Brett Randle comes from Roseville, California and supposedly has 4 siblings – Kevin, Mark, Kurt, and Amy Randle. There are no details about his parents.

2. The couple has been spotted at multiple locations – from holidaying in Mexico to watching Hudson’s school matches, all with their happy faces intact!

3. After getting married in Mexico, they went to Singapore for their honeymoon.

4. Brett is very secure with his job and is not a television person. So fans of LeCroy would be sad since he stated that he would not be available for the reality show.

5. Brett Randle does not have any social media accounts. It is only via Madison that we get any information on the man.

6. Erica Cain, who is a close friend of the couple, was the officiant at their legal wedding.

Wrapping up

As poets and thinkers all over the world state – nothing is stopping you once you have made up your mind. Also, life’s greatest miracles happen when we least expect them to happen. Similarly, the presence of Madison LeCroy fiance in her life was at the moment she least expected it to be. Also, she had almost given up on love when this miracle shone on her.

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