Various party looks with a black dress:

An infallible basic for any party is the elegant and feminine sexy midi dresses that flatter your figure. We propose 10 looks with short, mid-calf, or long black dresses with details such as transparency, lace, and feathers. Take note and choose yours from

Why a black dress?

Black is the king of elegance. An infallible evening color whenever you want to be elegant and no color flatters all of us more, it stylizes the figure and looks especially good on blonde women with curves in contrast to their light hair, although brunettes are also gorgeous with basic black.

Do you know what style of dress suits you? In addition to the style of event you are going to attend, take into account the tone of your skin and hair, your height, and your figure to choose the most flattering black dress model. In general, the short ones are for the day and the long ones for the night.

Tips for wearing a black party dress:

Depending on your skin tone, it can be cool (bluish or pinkish skin) or warm (beige, yellowish, or golden skin). The black color will create harmony in women of cold type, while the latter feel better in warm tones than black.

For the day, choose a little black dress or a short black dress above the knee. Better basic and less ornate accessories

For the night, split hem midi skirt or something more sophisticated with lace, sexy with openings, transparencies… But always in a subtle way and compensating for excesses with simple accessories that do not attract attention.

The right thing for a black party dress is high-heeled shoes. You can choose an open shoe for day parties or closed for the night.

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Check out these party looks with a black dress:

  1. Short black tulle dress:If you have nice legs and want to show them off, a short dress is your best option. If you like the rocker style, you will surely love this model with a tulle skirt combined with a black leather jacket – all black.
  2. Black chiffon dress:An empire line dress with a halter neckline is perfect to hide a tummy or to wear during pregnancy.
  3. Black dress with transparency:If you want to hide thick arms and legs, a dress that simulates two pieces (top and skirt) joined with transparent tulle is an excellent option.
  4. Black cut-out dress: A fitted black dress with midi length to the knee and side cut-outs at the waist will give a sensation of curves and an hourglass figure.
  5. Long black dress with lace neckline:The most elegant version of the black dress is the long one with a train. Only recommended for black-tie events at night. This model is enhanced at the neckline with lace, perfect to wear with your hair up.
  6. Short black dress with flare:A short dress with an opening in the neckline area and a flare in the skirt is an outfit that suits women with wide hips and slender legs especially well.                   
  7. Black dress fitted to the knee:A black dress with lace shoulders is a good option to hide wide shoulders or somewhat thick arms and a knee-length skirt is better than short if you have wide thighs, yes, always with heel-to-lengthen legs visually.
  8. Long black dress with lace neckline:The most elegant version of the black dress is the long one with a train. Only recommended for black-tie events at night. This model is enhanced at the neckline with lace, perfect to wear with your hair up.
  9. Short black rocker dress:With asymmetrical sleeves and transparency, the black mesh maxi dress is a daring model only suitable for slim women who want to show off their legs. This model leaves no room for imagination, elegance, and rocker as well as sensual.
  10. Long dress with V neckline and leg opening:Long but daring. A black dress with a leg opening is undoubtedly a very sexy model, and if we add a V-neckline, you will be the center of attention. For a more discreet version, it is worn with long sleeves.
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Skirts, shorts, crop tops, and midi dresses are part of women’s clothing that transmits sensuality, security, extroversion, and self-esteem. These are outfits that conquer for their ability to adapt to any look, giving it a refined, original, and glamorous style.

There is no self-respecting women’s fashion collection, both in winter and summer, that does not contain several models of miniskirts. And is that the skirt, in its shorter version, is one of the garments preferred by women today.

At, in our store, we have made a selection of the models that we believe are the essentials of the current season; a balanced mix between romanticism and a bit of irreverence, between passion and youthful anarchy. The clothes we offer you are perennial in terms of fashion. You will surely like our catalog as we have gathered all types of collections, giving everyone unique emotions.


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