Things To Know When Buying A Sofa


Here are a few Things To Know When Buying A Sofa:

1. Pick A Solid Frame

If you want to enjoy your sofa for a very long time, ensure you pick something with a sturdy frame. Hardwood is one of the best choices, whether you opt for beech, ash or oak. If you want something more affordable, you could choose pine or other such softer wood. However, keep in mind that this might warp after a few years. Metal and plastic aren’t the best choices ever, because they warp, crack or bend. They are also less comfortable.

2. Watch Out That Joinery

The way the frame is joined at the corners can make a big difference. Among the high-quality joints there are wooden corner blocks, wooden dowels, metal screws with brackets, corner blocks screwed and glued, and double wooden dowels. Stay away from sofas that use nails, glue or staples to hold the frame together. While these elements can make excellent reinforcements, a frame that relies on them to hold the sofa together can’t be good.

3. Choose Hand-Tied Springs

The best sofa springs are the hand-tied eight-way ones. They are not only durable but also very comfortable and fairly affordable. If you want something even cheaper, you can choose serpentine springs. Made from twisted wire, they are a quite decent option, provided that you don’t go for the cheapest ones that can sag or press on the frame.

4. Get High-Quality Filling

Polyurethane foam is durable, reliable and almost maintenance-free. Nevertheless, you need to choose the density that makes you happy. Dense foam doesn’t feel comfortable, while soft foam can deteriorate quite fast. You can get firm foam, but make sure it is covered in a softer layer, in order to secure both durability and comfort. The best of the best and our top recommendation is high-resilient foam covered in a down and feather coating. This is the most comfortable option that will last for a very long time. Take a look at The Citizenry furniture reviews for high quality furnitures.

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5. Seek For Durable Fabrics

Always try to choose a high-quality, durable fabric such as linen, leather and cotton. Microfiber is another great option, as it is durable and easy to maintain. Textured fabrics can also be a good idea, as they can hide dirt and wear pretty well. However, if you have cats, you may not want to offer them such a surface to do their nails.

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