Personal Hygiene: Tips for Better Personal Care

Personal hygiene


Personal hygiene is incredibly important, poor self-care is unpleasant for you and for those around you, so it’s essential that you maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle. We’re not always on top of our hygiene, in fact in times of stress, depression, early parenthood or just when you’re leading an excessively busy lifestyle, it can get completely ignored or put on the back burner. It’s all well and good to just expect ourselves to know exactly how to maintain hygiene, but sometimes it takes a little more. Here are a few very necessary self-care tips to help you look and feel better, every day…

Wash regularly

Showering or bathing regularly is the foundation of hygiene. When we’re feeling really down or exhausted it’s incredibly tempting to ignore the shower, however, caring for yourself will truly help to lift your spirits. If you can’t face showering every single day, aim for at least once every two days. You’ll sleuth off dead skin, dismiss body odour and keep your whole body functioning properly. Wash and condition your hair once every two to three days to keep a healthy scalp and soft, shining locks.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is so important for your health and your hygiene, too. This is the time for your body to renew itself, repair muscles and create new cells, so feeling slow isn’t the only negative to losing a few hours of sleep. Be sure to get your eight hours every single night, you’ll feel and look fresh, revived and full of energy.

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Trim your nails

Overgrown and unkempt nails are not a good sign of hygiene, so be sure to pay yours some attention every couple of weeks. Keep your nails and toenails short and clipped if you don’t have the time to keep their shape in check. For those who prefer longer nails, be sure to have a nail file, cuticle tool and nail brush on hand for maintenance every three to four days.

Maintain your dental hygiene

Dental health is essential to personal hygiene. You should brush and floss at least twice a day, and if you struggle with bad breath you should use a strong mouthwash and keep mints or a mouth spray handy for use throughout the day. If your breath or teeth are a persisting problem, it could be a sign of something more serious. Regular trips to the dentist will ensure that you stay totally on top of your smile and your health, twice a year should do the trick. A dental check-up and clean can make you feel like new again!

Always wash your hands

Always, always wash your hands after the bathroom, before you cook and after you’ve dealt with food. This will prevent you from getting sick, spreading bacteria or putting yourself at risk from any germs you might have come into contact with throughout the day. If you are sick, you should keep a hand sanitizer on your person to avoid getting those around you sick too.

Keep your environment in check

For perfect personal care, you need to ensure that your environment is also clean and happy. This means keeping your sheets clean by washing them every two to three weeks, vacuuming your room and underneath your bed, always wearing clean garments and clearing away any rubbish or overwhelming clutter. This will calm your mind and make sure that you are as healthy and hygienic as possible.

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Visit your doctor

You should speak to your doctor about further self-care measures if you feel you are struggling. Regular trips to the doctor will also keep your health in check, so it’s well worth the trip.



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