Why You Should Do Stretches Every Day

Stretches Every Day

One of the essential components of a good exercise routine is stretching. It is a component that should never miss in any exercise routine, but still many overlook it. I mean, most people assume that this is an exercise for dancers, gymnasts, or the Karate/Tae-kwon-do fighters. But, No. Stretching routines are for all people in all age brackets.

But why is it so vital? You could be thinking stretches are not for tough people like me. Well, this article is about to reveal to you why stretching routines should never miss in any of your daily exercises. Read on


According to Ben Svendsen, a Crossfit coach, “Flexibility exercises are just as important as cardio, strength, and power training.” You can only gain flexibility by doing regular stretching routines. When flexible, there is an increase in your joints motion range and relief in muscular tension. Plus, if you are an athlete, flexibility enhances your performance as well as alleviates chances of injury. Many fitness experts have concurred with this.

Without stretches and flexibility, your muscles will be weak and damaged. This damage will then lead to pain in muscles and joints.

Great for stress relief

Maybe, you have seen some group of people at the park doing stretching routines every morning. One thing for sure is that these people spend most of their days happy. Stress causes tension around the muscles – mostly around the upper back, shoulders, and neck – which leads to physical and emotional stress. With stretches, however, all this stress goes away.

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Better blood flow to the muscles

Regular stretching routines improve the general flow of blood throughout the body. Since your joints and muscles are flexible, it will also be easier for blood to flow to your muscles. This flow will help when your muscles are feeling a bit sore. Stretches help by moving blood to the muscles, which will reduce the soreness.

Improves body posture

Imbalance in muscles is a high cause of poor posture. According to StudyTrusted Source, strengthening exercises with a few stretching routines targeting specific muscle groups usually boost proper muscle alignment as well as reduce musculoskeletal pain.

Say goodbye to back pains

So, you are watching a movie and finally, you feel like having a glass of water. Once you move to stand, you feel a sharp pain in your back that you just cannot move from where you are. You need to take a few seconds for the pain to fade away so you can walk to the kitchen.

Well, such instances will be history when you do constant stretching routines. Lack of stretches causes tightening of the muscles, which leads to a reduced range of motion. This means that your back muscles will strain and cause you pain whenever you want to move about. Kiss all these back problems goodbye with just a few stretches per day.

See, there are so many body issues that we can solve just by doing stretching routines daily. Stretch a little, gain a lot.


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