Does Penn Station Have Luggage Storage? What You Need to Know Before You Go


Pennsylvania Station, also known as Penn Station, is one of the busiest destination hubs in the world. Located in the midtown area of New York City’s Manhattan borough, it is the Western Hemisphere’s busiest transportation facility. The railroad station, originally built in 1910, contains several railways: Amtrak, the NYC subway system, the Long Island Railroad, and the New Jersey Transit. Beyond traveling by rail, which can virtually welcome anyone from anywhere in the country, Penn Station is also a fairly straightforward commute for those flying into or out of John F. Kennedy International Airport. So, in many ways, Penn Station welcomes people from all across the globe.

A big question on many people’s minds, locals included, is if there is luggage storage in Penn Station. The short answer is yes. Now, the hassle of trekking through the city that holds millions of people, and heavy traffic jams, is made easier. You can carry only what you need when you need it.

There are 247 storage locations throughout NYC and its surrounding areas (like across the Hudson River in New Jersey, or across the East River in Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Long Island). 

Here’s what you need to know before you go.

Luggage storage for commuters

With so many different storage locations, it is ideal for any individual commuting to and from the city. There is a way to conveniently leave excess baggage in a storage facility and pick it up later. Now, commuters can make the most of their visits to the city by simply leaving behind what isn’t needed–a change of outfit, laptop, extra shoes, an overnight bag–and pick it up when the time is right. There’s no need to carry around unwanted items, or unused items. Return to Penn Station, or any of the 247 luggage storage locations in the surrounding area, when you’re ready. Suddenly, commuting for a single event, activity, meeting, or obligation can turn into a fun-filled day.

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Luggage storage for the business traveler

For those running from meeting to meeting, perhaps a day pitching new potential clients or going on several job interviews, sometimes you don’t need all of the items that initially arrived with you to Penn Station. Sure, you brought several bags that you’ll need for the day but do you really want the hassle of carrying around unnecessary baggage to every destination? Now those traveling in and out of Penn Station can leave their bags securely stored in places like offices and convenience stores (like the convenience store at Penn Station!). 

All that moving around is bound to cause some hunger. That’s why you can even store items at places like a deli, convenient for when it’s time to eat. Or finally schedule that appointment at a hair or beauty salon, where you can make time in between work and store your luggage all the same! Have a package to mail? Many UPS Stores also contain luggage storage facilities, throughout all NYC.

Luggage storage for daytrippers

Make an entire day of your visit to NYC and feel comfortable going from day to night now that there is luggage storage near Penn Station. Although the specifics of locations are revealed only upon time of booking, the interactive map shows the exact location (minus the address) where your luggage will be held. This includes cross streets and pinpointed locations on the map itself. 

Drop off a bag at a nearby retail store. You can even use it as an excuse to check out one of the many hotels in the area since they too are luggage storage options. Travel agencies also have certain storage, so you can go from a day trip to your next overnight trip in the same location. And don’t worry if on your day trip something becomes dirty. Go to any of the dry cleaners that also welcome luggage storage near Penn Station and be clean in no time! 

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Luggage storage for the leisure vacationer

Perhaps your flight landed early at either JFK International Airport or the regional tarmacs of LaGuardia Airport, and you arrive at Penn Station in the early morning. The time between arrival at Penn Station and hotel check-in can be hours, with the average hotel check-in at 4 PM. But you didn’t come to NYC to wait around, you came to explore the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps. Fortunately, right around Penn Station, there are countless places to temporarily store your luggage so that you don’t have to lug it around with you. Now, you can hit the ground running and start your NYC adventure immediately.

Luggage storage might sound boring but it can be a fun activity, too. There are storage locations near Penn Station at the Empire State Building (one of NYC’s most iconic buildings), wellness centers as you unwind from your travels, and restaurants and dessert shops for a bite between activities. They are even at bike rental locations, so you can leave your bags and tour the big city with the wind through your hair. Or pick up your trinkets as you leave your baggage at souvenir shops.

The next time you arrive at Penn Station in NYC know there are plenty of places to store your luggage nearby, whatever the occasion.

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