5 Smart Tips to Follow When Renting Ski Equipment

ski equipment

Ski resorts across the country pull in $55 billion per year from snowboarders and skiers alike.

If you’re thinking about getting out on the slopes this winter, you’re not alone.

But if you prepare in advance for your trip, you can ensure you’ll enjoy a great powder day. If you’ll be renting ski equipment, preparation is especially critical.

Here are five tips for renting ski equipment during the upcoming season.

1. Shop Around

Every ski town has several places to rent ski equipment. Most ski resorts offer rentals or you can go with an independent rental shop.

Resorts are typically more costly, but more convenient. You can often find cheaper rentals in town, but cheaper prices don’t matter if you can’t transport your rented equipment to the slopes.

Check to see if any independent stores are located at the resort. You’ll find more convenience and a lower average cost of renting ski equipment than what the resort offers. Either way, check around at different shops for options and pricing to get the best deal.

2. Book in Advance

The best way to rent ski equipment is to book your rental in advance. This comes with a few benefits, including an assurance that you will have skis for your trip. There is no bigger bummer than booking a ski trip and not having skis.

Booking in advance will also help you spend more time on the slopes. Understandably, you’ll need to fill out paperwork for your rental. Completing it in advance will save you time on the backend.

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Another benefit is the cost of renting ski equipment may be lower. Rental shops like Vista Bahn offer up to 20% off for advance reservations, so be sure to check it out!

3. Consider Demo Skis

If you are undecided about whether to buy or rent ski equipment, a demo package is a wise way to go. Renting demo skis will let you check out a high quality ski and test out the latest and greatest in ski technology.

Buying a pair of skis and accessories is a big investment. Checking out different styles and models can help you make a better-informed choice when it comes time to buy your own.

4. Be Honest About Your Skills

Most ski shops will offer different models for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skiers. Before you rent a pair, take an honest assessment of your skills.

Skis for different skill levels have different features. Choosing too high of a level will cause complications on the hill. They may have you looking like a beginner even if you’re not!

5. Make Sure Your Boots Fit

Boot fit is a crucial part of having a comfortable day on the slopes. When trying on a pair of boots, they should be snug without any pressure points. When you stand up in the boots, your toes should just meet the toe of the boot.

Wearing an ill-fitting pair of boots will result in more pain, blisters, and possible bruising. Trust the experts when they assist you throughout the rental process.

Renting Ski Equipment Like a Pro

By taking these tips for renting ski equipment into account, you’ll ensure a smooth process. That way you can turn your focus toward those black diamonds.

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