What is swot analysis- a brief guide to the concept?

what is a swot analysis

What is a swot analysis? SWOT analysis is the diagram widely used by businesses to learn about the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats of a specific situation. Moreover, the companies would perform this analysis to create a new strategy. Therefore, by doing this analysis, you can quickly learn about working best and the gaps. In implementing a new plan, you should know how to go there, the roadmap, and the challenges you may face. There are many issues that you have to analyze. This analysis can be done using a simple yet effective technique known as SWOT.

What is a SWOT analysis?

The full form of SWOT is strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It is the technique that helps to assess various aspects of a business. The analysis will help your organization to make the best use of what advantages they have. It also allows you to reduce the chances of failure by learning the pain points, eliminating risks that would otherwise take a toll on the businesses. You must start to develop a strategy that streamlines the business processes and would let you stand out from the rest of the competitors in the market.

How to perform the SWOT analysis

The first thing you have to do to carry out this type of analysis is to draw the SWOT Analysis matrix. You can find the templates online, which you can download and start the process. It would have 2*2 square where each box dedicates to one aspect of the SWOT analysis. You can do the SWOT analysis by gathering all the stakeholders in one place and deciding the best strategy; otherwise, you can use it as a sophisticated tool. A swot analysis example is a startup company that wants to learn about its current business situation to decide the future strategy. 


However, in both these cases, you have to gather the employees who work at different company levels and departments. The brainstorming session would help you learn about the ideas and know where the organization is standing at the moment. Whenever you find strength, weakness, opportunity, or a threat, you have to make a note of it. You can consider strengths and weaknesses as the internet aspects related to the company, assets, processes you hold, and people. You can assume opportunities and threats as the external factors that you get from the competitors or economy.

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SWOT descriptions – what is a swot analysis 

Now, it is time for you to take a close watch at each area rigorously:


The strengths are the ones that your organization is proud of and does well. This is what would make you stand apart from your competitors in the market. You have to list down the pros of your company over the competitors. The strengths can be your experienced staff, specific materials, or the standard manufacturing process in place. The strengths are a critical part of every company. You should know what you can do better than others and the values that are driving the business.

What are the best and low-cost resources you have, which others do not hold? More importantly, it would be best to learn about the USP (Unique selling point) of the business. These all must be added to the strengths section. You can also check what your competitors are assuming you to be your strengths. What factors can help you get more sales compared to them? If anything that gives the company advantage is considered to be as strong. A swot analysis example can be for breweries, bakers, nurseries, and other companies. 


Once you have listed down the strengths, now it is time for you to list out the weaknesses. It is another importance of swot analysis. You have to gather all the minute details. By being realistic, you can open up and list down all the weaker points. The company’s weaknesses may be concerning the people’s resources, system, and procedures that you are following.

You can find out the areas that you can improvise and standardized the processes. It would be best if you also learned about how people are viewing your business in the market. Do they find any weakness that you overlooked? You have to focus on the areas where you can learn why competitors are doing better than you despite having the best product.

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The opportunities show you some positive signs of improving the business and taking it to new heights. You would get the chance based on market situations, and you have to keep a close watch on the market and predict the market’s future. There could be development in the market you are serving right now or usage of technology.

When you can detect the opportunities and make the best use of it, this helps you stay unique and become a fierce competitor to others. Indeed, you can take the lead over the market. It is best to look for the opportunities that you can spot immediately.

Though, the options that you see now need not be the game-changer for you in the industry but can be something that can help you rise over your business competitors. You must pay attention to the change in your respective field’s government policies from time to time. There can be a change in the lifestyle, profile of the population, and patterns to improve your opportunities.


The threats could be from outside the organization that would take a toll on your business. These could be related to supply chain, change in the market requirements, or lack of recruits. You have to anticipate the threats and take appropriate action or measures before they stall the company’s growth. It is another importance of swot analysis.

You also have to list down the challenges you may face to bring the product to the market and sell them to the customers. Moreover, you would also see a difference in the quality of your work or specifications. Plus, you have to improve the quality standards to stay ahead of competitors.

Better to manufacture the products in the sizes that customers are ready to buy. Therefore, the progressing of technology would act as a threat but is an excellent opportunity to leverage. You have to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing, and you should change your strategies accordingly to address those challenges.

You might have got clear insights into what is swot analysis by now. In a nutshell, it helps organizations improve their strengths and grab the opportunities by identifying the weaknesses and threats. 

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