Your Complete Guide to Shopping for Athletic Shoes Online

Shopping for Athletic Shoes

There are several benefits to buying a new pair of athletic shoes online, such as being able to browse for shoes from the comfort of your home at any time of day. Additionally, there is often a wide variety of styles available online and it can be easier to save money by taking advantage of special online discounts and sales. To make your online search easier and to ensure your shoes fit correctly, follow this guide to shopping for athletic shoes online.

Understanding Types of Athletic Shoes

If you search for a term like puma sneakers online, you may become overwhelmed as you find many different types of shoes that fit that criterion. Understanding how athletic shoes are categorized is an important first step for determining what type of shoes best fit your needs. Athletic shoes are often categorized by the activity they are being used for and may fit into one of the following categories:

  • Running shoes
  • Walking shoes
  • Hiking shoes and boots
  • Cleats
  • Cross-training shoes
  • Basketball sneakers
  • Tennis shoes
  • Other sport-specific shoes

When buying a pair of athletic shoes, don’t just focus on style and look, unless you plan to only wear your new shoes for fashion purposes. Determine your goals and start there.

Learning Your Running Shoe Type

When buying a pair of running shoes, you need to know how you walk or run to find the shoe that best supports your gait. This can help enhance your performance and prevent injury. Whether you buy New Balance athletic shoes or Nike running shoes, most brands include this information in the shoe description. There are three main shoe categories that are each designed to respond to a different gait type:

  • Stability Shoes: Some people overpronate with each step, which causes the ankles and arches of the foot to roll inward. Stability shoes can help address moderate overpronation and are ideal for people with flatter arches.
  • Neutral Shoes: For individuals with a regular or high arch who have a normal gate, natural running shoes also offer midsole cushioning and adequate support to help absorb shock when the foot meets the ground. This type of shoe can also benefit people who underpronate, or whose ankle leans outward.
  • Motion Control Shoes: For people with severe pronation, motion control shoes offer the flattest outsoles and plenty of support to bring the foot to a more neutral position.
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Finding the Right Fit

One mistake people make when buying athletic shoes online is assuming that they need to simply pick a shoe in their regular size. However, brands can vary with Asics sneakers running smaller than another brand. Even within the same brand, shoes may fit differently from model to model. Always refer to a shoe sizing chart when buying a pair of shoes online. Find out the dimensions of your foot by outlining it on a piece of paper, measuring its width and length, and subtracting 3/16ths from both measurements. You can then use a conversion chart to find out your size.

Trying to find a pair of good running or gym shoes without having the ability to try them on first can make the process of buying shoes online more challenging and even risky. Use this guide to successfully buy your next pair of athletic shoes online.

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