3 Steps To Prep for Your Big Athletic Competition

Big Athletic Competition

You have a big athletic competition coming up. Perhaps it’s something that you want to win. Or maybe it’s just something you want to participate in. Regardless, preparation before these events is almost as important as the event itself.

You can spend weeks or even months preparing for something that only lasts a few hours. Because of this, the ritual of preparation is almost a more essential aspect of the entire experience than the event you are participating in.

Three steps, in particular, can help you out with your endeavors. First, meditate during your personal hygiene routine before the event. Second, mentally go through the entire thing from start to finish. Third, by the best equipment that you can afford that you’ll be using for the event. If you just go through those three steps, you’ll find that you have a much more satisfying overall experience.

Meditate During Your Personal Hygiene Routine

The morning of your big event, you should meditate during your personal hygiene routine. Brush your teeth, comb your hair, use whatever lotions and creams make you feel good about yourself, shave with one of your single edge safety razors, and prep yourself in a ritualistic and meditative way.

If you have a rote set of actions that you go through every morning, do these even more attentively than usual. It will prep your brain to suggest to your body that something special is going to happen today.

Mentally Go Through the Event

Something that professional athletes do all the time is mentally going through a game or event in advance. They close their eyes and visualize every aspect – where they start, what they do, how the game ends. This sort of visualization exercise gives people a quantifiable advantage. It is almost like you are actually practicing the event itself when you are simply imagining it. If you have never tried this before, attempt it before your next big function and watch how much more comfortable and calm you are.

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Buy the Best Equipment You Can Afford

Another smart thing to do before your next big event is to buy the best equipment that you can afford. For example, if you’re running a marathon, buy the best shoes for marathons. You don’t want to do worse than your best just because you want willing to invest in the equipment that will make you better.

Especially when you’re doing something where safety is a concern, you need to put your finances on the line to purchase your best way to stay safe for the entirety of the experience. How tragic would it be if your subpar equipment was what injured you!

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