The Best Places To Visit In The World For Female Solo Travel

Are you a woman? Do you love to travel on your own? If you are confused about which place to visit alone, then you can keep an eye on the following article for the list and details of a few fascinating places in the world. Previously, the whole world had been in patriarchal influence, but the rising power of intelligence in women has broken all such barriers. Women might not be physically as strong as men, but they have got equal talent in each field to be independent enough. So, girls, let’s break all the barriers and take a look at the best places to visit in the world.

List Of The Best Places To Visit In The World

Moab, Utah

You might be able to see the best of Moab in the early spring or late fall. This is the time when the temperature remains most comfortable for all the women. This place might be a fantastic option for women who are into biking, hiking, treks, and camping. The Arches National park in Moab is one of the best tourist attractions. A solo trip of 3 days and four nights might serve all the girls well.

Yubeng, China

The small village of Yubeng in the Chinese Himalayas might be one of the most peaceful places for a woman to visit. The pure-hearted truthful people with their love and affection will surely make a woman feel safe while on a solo trip. The place has got its beauty with the freedom of animals on the roads and the meditation stupas.

Maui, Hawaii

The Island of Hawaii might not be a great place for solo female travelers, but Maui Island might be an ideal one. The place beholds its beauty in the changing microclimates, small sea beaches, Hawaiian culture, and a peaceful atmosphere. This Island has got fun activities like surfing from Maui Surfer Girls, hiking, camping spots, etc. You would not need a passport or RTW to visit Maui.

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Iceland has got a trustworthy population and beautiful nature. It has been the safest place for female solo travelers. This place will surely keep your heart with the magical dance of Northern Lights in the sky. It is a package of all things like Fjords, black sand beaches, mountains, geysers, etc.

YIIas, Finland

The heart-warming welcome of the residents of Finland can make a solo woman traveler feel safe. It is the only ski spot in the country. You can join the residents at night after enjoying the fun snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and engulf the short combination of sunrise and sunset at once. The Arctic region of Finland might even surprise you with the Northern Lights.

Big Sur, California

If you are into seas, then you might love visiting Big Sur. This place is perfect for camping and hiking. The campers are super-friendly, which makes it safe for solo female travelers. The welcoming of sea animals like dolphins and spraying of the whales might win your heat at ease.

The Nusa Islands, Indonesia

It is a combination of three islands, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, and Nusa Ceningan. Bali has been crowded at present, so if you travel to Nusa Island, then you might feel what Bali used to be 30 years back. This place is safe for female solo travelers as they can even make pals. The spot remains peaceful due to the advent of most of the tourists to direct Bali. You can enjoy the actual Indonesian culture and night campfires.

Sossusvlei, Namibia

The name of this place in Namibia might shock any solo female traveler at once. You must be thinking, what would you even do in a barren desert? But the fact is, you would not find anything more peaceful than the arid desert in Namibia. It is safe for solo female travelers as they might end up making some good friends from the camping spots. If you visit the desert, you can enjoy the clear night sky gazing at the stars.

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Berlin, Germany

This city might keep you stunned to make it to the list of the best places to visit in the world. But such a spread-out city with so much of talent is worth visiting. The city is safe for solo female travelers due to the low crime rate. You can make friends in Berlin at ease due to the socially active residents. The pleasant weather and numerous parks with a small population might bring out peace within you. You can take short trips on roads enjoying open art contests and clubs.


You cannot imagine being drowned in Swiss culture until you visit Switzerland. It is one of the safest places in the world for solo female travelers. The fact is not shocking that Switzerland has made it up to the list of the best places to travel in 2020. The site is full of natural beauty and snow-covered mountains. All the beautiful ladies on solo trips are bound to appreciate the beauty of Rhone River. The land is full of meadows and wildflowers. If you are into trekking, then you should try out the Swiss Alps. Bern holds the best architectural works in Switzerland. Geneva is a must-visit place in the list.

French Polynesia

If you want to see the bluest of water bodies, then you are welcome to French Polynesia. The best thing about this place is that wherever you go, you will find a sweet vanilla smell everywhere following you. If you visit this small mesmerizing spot, then you might end up making friends from the socially active residents at ease. These people are comfortable communicating with and adjustable too. The breathtaking beauty of the ocean might leave you ever wanting.

The above list of the best places to visit in the world might help solo female travelers from all over the world choose an ideal spot for a tour. It is best to keep in mind all the safety measures and information while traveling alone.

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