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People, who have suffered from pain or one emotional distress or the other for some time, will most definitely have heard the name ‘CBD’ from every ‘do-it-yourself’ individual around them. When the full name is pronounced, the first reaction is usually ‘isn’t that cannabis?’. The answer is usually ‘yes and no’. And that brings up the next question…

So, what is CBD?

Cannabis – one of the most polarizing plants on the face of the earth – has Cannabidiol as one of its major constituents. It is in a class of chemicals referred to as phytocannabinoid (chemicals that interact with the ECS [Endocannabinoid System] of the body). It was first detected in Cannabis in the year 1940 and is heavily linked to relief where pain and anxiety are the concerns. It has been shortened to CBD. CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – both cannabinoids – are the two most known components of Cannabis plant – although THC is the most notorious because of its ‘get-me-high’ property. CBD does not have the psychoactive property of THC but does have almost every medical advantage that THC possesses which allows one to get the medical advantage inherent in the plant, without the effect of getting ‘high’. In countries where Cannabis – medicinal and recreational – has been legalized, there has been a heightened availability of CBD and CBD related products in the market. However, in some other countries and for some other users, the air still has to be cleared as there are a lot of misconceptions as regards the use of cannabis and other derivatives of it like CBD.

Since it is from Cannabis? What will it do to me?

It is only expected that anyone has this question as it is obvious that the plant is the parent of CBD. It is only normal to expect to see the stars. However, it is a bit different. Unlike THC, CBD takes sometime before it has any hard ‘starry effect’ on the body, especially if the dosage is not heavy. Usually, with CBD, the effects are ‘cumulative’ it kicks in after a while of using it. But it does not have the effects of THC, seeing it is non-psychoactive. If there is anything that we know CBD brings, it is that soothing release from pain, and anxiety. It has an incredibly calming effect. The trick with CBD is to take it in appropriate proportions. In its right proportion, it helps promote alertness. Many of the preconceived opinions people have of CBD because of its source is unfounded in reality. Click Here

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Benefits of CBD

Due to the public perception of Cannabis, research into its nature and benefits has been very slow. However, there are indications here and there that it has beneficial – medicinal – properties, and these properties are seen in CBD. CBD has been linked by certain studies to relief in cases of addiction, anxiety challenges, and schizophrenia. Some studies have found CBD as a good pain reliever. These studies have been used in cases involving arthritis. Another major benefit of CBD is its ability to reduce the psychedelic effects of THC if it is taken in high doses. Click Here

Shopping for CBD

Shopping for CBD is a long-overdue conversation we should be having. There are a couple of issues. One of them is – how am I sure this is safe? Then there is the issue of public perception of CBD. Another issue is that of knowing where to go and get the best products. One needs to get a reliable CBD shop where it is made available using high safety and quality standards.

There are variations that CBD comes in. These variations are to enable people of different needs to enjoy CBD and use it for their differing purposes. CBD comes in lotions, in capsules, in oils, and other edible forms. Usually, the need will determine the variant of CBD that is purchased. Now, there are many manufacturers or better still outlets that produce and sell CBD. Due to the nature of the plant, it is gotten from, it would be great to have a trusted manufacturer at hand so one knows they are buying pure CBD.

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Why ShopCBD

Our tag line is simple; NOT ALL CBD IS CREATED EQUAL – let’s find out what is right for you. There are brands that we are certain of the quality they bring to the table in the production of CBD in whatever variants that you may desire. We are very concerned about the safety of CBD users. We stand for quality, safety, and value. In the field of skincare, oils and tinctures, edible, pet products, drugs, etc we have trusted brands that have shown a preference for safety and quality. We also ensure that CBD users get the best prices for the quality we are offering. We are offering the best of curator expertise you can find in the world of CBD production, and bringing this to you at the best price available. Using Shop CBD is probably the best decision right after the decision to get CBD.

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