The future of online slots

The future of online slots

Over the past couple of years, online slots have adopted new forms of technology which has meant the traditional fruit machine of old has somewhat vanished into the ether in favor of video slots and partnerships between some of the industry’s leading developers, TV shows, films, as well as rock bands. What started with the likes of Guns and Roses video slot has now seen the likes of NetEnt release games like Vikings and Narcos on the back of popular TV series. Click here now bezdepozytu to view a popular Online Cricket Betting ID, known for their amazing collection of online slot games.

Featuring realistic and cinematic cut screens the emergence of the video slot has meant that slot games have been able to attract new audiences from new demographics and create a more wholesome gaming experience rather than just playing these casino games for the spinning of the reels. But what’s next and where does the slots industry go from here.

Slot games and Virtual Reality

It seems like the next big venture on the market from within the slots industry is finding a way to make the most of virtual reality technology as well as artificial intelligence to help regulate gameplay. But will making the gameplay more immersive and realistic, cause problems in the realms of online gambling and responsible gambling guidelines.

Although these are obstacles that need to be overcome, there’s no doubt that the industry will find new ways to sidestep the market and release games that are more immersive than ever, teaming up with some of the leading entertainment brands.

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How can Artificial Intelligence benefit the Gambling Industry?

Artificial intelligence has proven that it can administer itself in new forms and prove to be a useful tool for the gambling industry providing new ways to safeguard their players and ensure that players aren’t cheating or attempting to beat the system. The human brain is only so intelligent and with technology developing, new methods and precautions need to be taken to ensure that slot machines aren’t predictable and can’t be outplayed by the player. Previously, slot machines have used random number generators to calculate the algorithms behind the wins, but many slots players have developed their own RNGs to beat the system. This is where artificial intelligence comes in, forming new pathways and methods of ensuring the system is unbeatable and operating in the safest possible fashion.

Will we see any developments in the slots industry any time soon?

Although you may not see any of the developments for players throughout the industry, the major developments will come on a more technical level in terms of making slot games safer and more foolproof for our players. However, developers like NetEnt, and Micro gaming have been showcasing their latest virtual reality and AI technology at recent ICE conferences so 2019 is very much a case of watch this space. The question remains whether developers and online casinos can tempt current demographics who are happy with their lot into taking on new technologies and expanding their gaming experience.

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