Ketamine Therapy as a Treatment for PTSD

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine is being used as a cure for a variety of psychiatric illnesses. The most common illness amongst them is the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). FDA approves approval for the use of Ketamine as an anesthetic. However, as time passes, the researchers have suggested using Ketamine PTSD for several different applications like treating PTSD.

Although, outdated cure choices have represented very little success in curing PTSD, the usage of treatments, including Ketamine, represented relatively better outcomes. There have been researches on the usage of Ketamine therapy, and most of the studies have shown positive results.

What is PTSD?

The physically traumatic experiences are followed by psychiatric circumstances in some cases, which are called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some kinds of physical trauma that cause this disorder can comprise sexual assault, combat, vehicle accident, or natural disease. Although most individuals go through particular kind of traumatic experience at least one time in their life, most of the people will not develop PTSD. However, women have a doubled risk of developing this disorder as compared to men.

Some signs of PTSD are as follow:

  • Recurring memory to the event
  • Pain after traumatic recaps
  • The burden of despair, depression, shame, and other negative moods and thoughts
  • Traumatic dreams
  • Hyper vigilance
  • Escaping from specific situations or thoughts

Ketamine Therapy to treat PTSD Psychotherapy and medicines are currently two of the main ways to cure the symptoms of PTSD. These two treatments are frequently practiced as a combination. However, the problem is that you might have to wait several weeks before you notice any betterment in your health if you follow any of the treatments. Moreover, the possibilities of successful treatment by developing these approaches are still meager.

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On the other side, the Ketamine therapy infusion treatments are currently used as a substitute way for the people that didn’t make any improvements by following the different options of treatment for PTSD. The Ketamine is introduced by IV at sub-anesthetic doses of 0.5milligrams per kilogram. The least dose makes this treatment completely safe for in-office therapies, and it doesn’t cause any severe side effects.

The patient can have a feeling of disassociation or notice a little raise in their blood pressure. However, it will be a temporary effect that will last for nearly 2 hours. One of the benefits of Ketamine infusions is improvements can happen within a few hours or days as compared to conventional treatments that take weeks to months to show improvement. Researches show that only a single Ketamine infusion that lasts for around 40 minutes can efficiently decrease the symptoms of PTSD.

Around one or two Ketamine IV treatment sessions are enough to recognize if the expecting improvement is happening or not. Most of the people show significant improvements by following this treatment. The patient might need six sessions of this treatment that spread over 2-3 weeks to notice positive results.

Side effects that happen because of conventional treatments for PTSD can be severe or even permanent in certain situations. Ketamine therapy is beneficial to avoid these side effects and helps speed up the recovery in a safer way.

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