Ease Muscle Soreness With These Tips

muscle soreness

We know that going to the gym is tough, but if you haven’t gone in a long time, you could experience muscle soreness after the exercising session.

When we go to the gym after a long time of doing nothing, we can’t go and grab the heaviest weights. Doing this will make your muscles suffer in pain, and when the pain feels too powerful, we will have to stop the session.

How do Muscles Work?

It’s very interesting how muscles work. They have two types of fibers, and each one has a role depending on which activity we’re doing.

They are divided in slow-twitch (type I) and fast-twitch (type II), these fibers act depending on the movement we’re trying to achieve.

The slow-twitch fibers work best when the contraction needs to be held for a long period of time. These fibers are best for marathoners, who have to walk or run a long-distance over a prolonged time.

The fast-twitch fibers can generate sudden bursts of energy in order to contract the muscle quickly. The downside of these fibers is that they get tired easily, which means that you cannot hold the quickness of the contraction for an extended period of time.

When you work out, you’re mostly using the type II fibers, which gives you a quick burst of contraction. Every time we lift a weight, these fibers get more and more tired. Finally, they burn out all of their energy, and that’s when the soreness begins.

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The muscle soreness comes from the accumulation of lactic acid, which gets produced after all the anabolic fuel runs out. This soreness lasts from a few hours up to two days. The excruciating pain you might be experiencing is due to the rupture of those fibers, and the body naturally tries to “repair” the damage caused by exercise.

How do Muscles Work?


Cannabis is a potent relaxer, depending on which strain you use. Indica species work best to relieve pain. Therefore, you can try some plants that are predominantly from the Indica strain.

If you want to get the plant fast, you can try buying some seeds and plant them using an auto flower species, also using CBD to kill the pain . This process is shorter than planting regular weed, so it might be beneficial to have it at your reach, as long as it’s legal where you are.

Indica is proven to relax the muscles, giving you a stress-free feeling. Besides the high, they are especially great for the body.


L-Glutamine Supplements

Many studies show that taking L-glutamine supplements can prevent muscle soreness. This amino acid is the most prevalent in our body– it represents 60% of the amino acids found in muscle tissues.

Glutamine is used for your muscles to repair and rebuild muscle tears that come from exercising. During training, your body will use up all the glutamine available, so taking these supplements will ensure that you have plenty of this amino acid to use.

L-glutamine helps reduce muscle mass breakdown, and it maintains a positive nitrogen level in our body.

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A study conducted at the University of Rhode Island shows the results of consuming caffeine an hour before training.

They observed that most of the subjects expressed less soreness after two days of the session. This means that people can train more regularly without experiencing almost any pain.


Final Thoughts

Muscle soreness is a real pain, but there are ways to make it manageable.

When doing extensive exercise, the muscle fibers tend to tear apart at a cellular level. You might not see them, but it’s happening.

After those tears, our body tries to rebuild the fiber, it releases some cells, and that’s when our soreness begins. The tissue gets swollen, and we feel like we’re made out of gelatin. Some ways to ease this pain is by consuming cannabis, L-glutamine supplements, and caffeine.

Studies have shown that these components are pretty effective, so it’s worth giving them a shot.

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