Senior-Like Injuries Caused By Sports

Senior-Like Injuries Caused By Sports

It’s common knowledge that fitness is one of the best ways to maintain your health and keep your body strong for longer. Countless studies show that active adults are more likely to stay healthy and fit in their older years, which is good news for anybody who’s just signed up for a gym membership. You’re not working out only for today, but you’re also protecting your health for tomorrow.

However, while fitness is a significant factor in your health, an inappropriate workout regime could have a dramatic effect. In fact, did you know that some of the injuries and health complaints that are commonly attributed to old age could also be caused by sports? In short, if you don’t want sports to make you feel prematurely old, you need to be careful about your exercising routine. Here’s are some of the most common issues that make you feel like an older person:

You got too enthusiastic with the weights

You probably have a vivid image of your grandfather, standing up from the sofa and rubbing his back with one hand. Ouch, he would say. Getting old is hard work. He would smile it off and forget about it. But back pain is, in fact, a common issue for new gym-goers who are keen to overtrain. Indeed, weight lifting is one of the most popular gym activities, but also one of the most dangerous. You shouldn’t attempt to lift weights without the supervision of a personal trainer who can correct your posture to avoid back injury. If you’ve injured yourself, you need to be careful during your recovery period. Tailored exercises that help to build back strength without putting you at risk can make a huge difference.

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Swimming in troubled waters

Swimming is recommended for anybody worried about impact sports. However, it doesn’t mean that it is without risk. Swimming with your head underwater can lead to ear infections, which, if you leave them untreated, can have dramatic consequences. Tinnitus is often triggered by infections and can affect your hearing permanently. If you already struggle with hearing loss or disturbances, you might want to take the hearing test on this website to figure out whether you could benefit from assistive technology. Diving is also a common risk for your ears, as it can build pressure on your inner ears.

No warm-up equals joint pains

Most people think of joint pains in terms of arthritis. While arthritis is not a senior-only predicament, it is most common among elderly people. However, performing intense workouts without proper warm-up could put a lot of pressure on your joints. If you find yourself hurting after exercising, it might be because you’ve skipped warming up.

You’ve trained your bones too hard

Lastly, overtraining affects your body. Indeed, when your body can’t rest between workouts, it can’t fulfill its essential functions anymore, such as maintaining bone density. As a result, you are more vulnerable to osteoporosis, a disease which makes your bones brittle.

Staying fit keeps you healthy for longer. However, overtraining or skipping preventive measures and equipment can hurt your body, making it more vulnerable to ailments that are commonly seen among old and inactive people. Be careful; you could train yourself weak!

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