Operating An Electric Forklift – Safety Tips

Operating An Electric Forklift - Safety Tips

Electric forklifts are major equipment, especially when considering intensive lifting tasks are mentioned. These devices are however dangerous when in operation without the necessary precautions in place. These safety tips apply to the person entitled to use the machines and also to any person around their working areas.

This article explains the safety tips that need to be taken to consideration anytime one is operating used electric forklifts for sale.

Before working, examine forklifts

This is mainly for safety purposes of the user as well as the people around the working area. You should under any circumstances avoid operating a vehicle that requires maintenance. In such a case, inform the supervisor of any identified problems with the vehicle and which an expert should handle.

Never leave an operating forklift unattended

Leaving the keys in an unattended forklift calls for legal action and has serious consequences. Even without an actual occurrence of an accident, the action is still considered illegal.


Know and never exceed the lifting capacity

Each forklift has a specific lifting capacity and which should not exceed at any time. The specified capacity to a particular vehicle is an important consideration to avoid damage to the forklift as well as injuries to the operating personnel.

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Forklifts operate uniquely

These devices usually work from the rear. The back of the vehicle will, therefore, need a broader space to turn without causing any damage or injury.

Keep hands and feet away from the cross members of the mast

It is important to note that these machines operate by lowering and lifting the mast. In any case, the mast is lowered and catches your hand or any part of the body, then you are in for serious injuries.

Forklifts need to be refueled

These machines need to be refueled, but they should be turned off during refueling. The refueling locations should be spacious, designated and also well ventilated.

Forklifts must follow designated roadways

This is mostly at the work site where forklifts should follow designated roadways. These devices are cumbersome and may cause trouble when operated on any road path at the working location. It is essential for everyone to note the designated roadways for the vehicles.


Brakes should be engaged on forklifts which are not in use

Careful parking of forklifts which are not in use should be in designated areas, and their parking brakes engaged carefully.

Follow worksite rules and regulations

It is crucial to adhere to all the rules and regulations on the work site at all times. It is essential to observe even the smaller safety details at all times.

Be alert and attentive

You should always be alert and sensitive to your surrounding environment. This safety tip is essential to all forklifts operators. They should always mind of any change in their working environment. The operators should also notify of their presence by hooting or using their voice.

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Stick to the appropriate dress code

It is crucial to mind about the gear that you put on. The clothing should be highly visible. Tight clothing is recommendable to reduce any chances of an accident involving levers and controls.

Observing all the set rules and regulations in forklifts operation is very crucial. These safety tips help you keep safe and ensures that proper procedure is enhanced all the time.

These are just some of the safety tips you need to consider when operating an electric forklift for sale at your working area. If you have other safety tips in mind that you feel can help other people, kindly share your thought here and leave a comment.

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