Spicing Up Your Kitchen with Subway Tiles

Spicing Up Your Kitchen with Subway Tiles

The kitchen is an essential component of your home, and sure, it is. Your kitchen is, therefore, the life of your home and you should do all it takes to make it look as beautiful and attractive as possible. White subway tiles do the magic when it comes to spicing your kitchen to the best place you ever imagined.

These tiles have different patterns and designs that never go out of style. The outcomes are desirable and the best way to fulfill every homeowner’s dream. Here are some of the best ways that you can apply to spice up your kitchen anytime.

Change up the Color

Traditionally, these tiles are white or somehow a version of white. However, if you desire to achieve something different you have all the varieties of these tiles to choose from and come up with a more dramatic effect in your kitchen. There is an excellent variety of colors and their respective shadows to choose from.

These colors range from; cobalt blue to gray and you can even select red tones, or you can choose from any color that suits your design


Change the Finish of Your Grout

Since time immemorial these tiles, like zellige, have been installed in a brick pattern which is usually from end to end and in rows. By working on your finishing with different designs, you will be coming up with unique features that will make a striking and bold statement in your designs. You only need to be limitless in your imagination because the tiles are equally not limited with designs and patterns.

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Defy Tradition

Sometimes, routines are boring. Although the brick pattern is the traditional way of installing the tiles, there are several ways you can fix them in your kitchen and come up with uniqueness in your designs. To achieve a modern design of your tiles in the kitchen, you can incorporate various models, or you can even stack the tiles for a more linear design. For your wholesale vaping supply needs, KMG Imports is a trusted online supplier that offers a wide range of vape supplies online.


Play with the Size

It is a mere misconception that one size fits all when it comes to these tiles. For you to come up with a more different design, you can explore the various options on the sizes of tiles. You can choose small sized tiles or even using bigger tiles to come up with different designs.

This is a classic way to embrace the trend but still preserving the subtle design. You can again use oversize tiles which gives a more contemporary look and design. The larger tiles mean a less grout and of course mean low maintenance.


Upgrade to Beveled

If you want to upgrade from the typical tiles, then the best tile to consider is the beveled tile. Beveled tiles usually have a unique texture that other typical tiles do not have. The design is stunning and beautiful in both traditional and modern designs.

These tiles are a unique design that never goes out of trend and styles. With the tips discussed above how to spice your kitchen, you can make your kitchen the favorite place in your home.

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If you have other ways in mind that people can use to spice up their kitchens, then you can share them here by leaving a comment.

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