Seven Best Practices of Good Oral Hygiene

Seven Best Practices of Good Oral Hygiene

Each one of us wants to have a bright smile, and the foundation of it is dental hygiene. Besides imparting a captivating smile, good oral habits can prevent various medical complications.

A deprived dental hygiene can be very hazardous and the major reason for a range of dental and severe medical issues in the long run. It can lead to gum problems, infections, heart disease, mouth cancer, and many such complications. Therefore, it is imperative to have healthy oral hygiene.

Following are some of the basic teeth whitening techniques that if executed regularly can prevent you from dental problems:

1.    Never Miss Good Night Brushing.

Brushing your teeth twice is probably the easiest method of keeping your teeth clean and white. The morning brush gives you a fresh breath but the good night brush prevents the entire day’s food bacteria from forming the layer on your teeth and prevent the growth of acid. Follow this simple technique for a month, and you are bound to feel the difference in your teeth whitening before and after it.

Do not rush through the process of brushing; take your time and move the brush in gently in circular movements. The bristles should touch your gum and teeth surface. Also, do not forget to clean the inner portion of your mouth and the backside of the teeth, as food articles stay hidden in these areas.

Clean your tongue during brushing as bacteria forms their base on the rough surface of the tongue. 

2.    Use a Good Toothpaste

There are numbers of toothpaste brands available in the market, and each claims to be the best. Therefore, selecting one among so many is a tough task! Easiest selecting criteria for you can be the presence of fluoride in the toothpaste. The importance of toothpaste is not only teeth whitening at home and imparting fresh breath, but to also kill the germs in your mouth and prevent your tooth from decaying. Fluoride helps in this. It kills the germs and forms the layer of protection on your teeth.

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3.    Never Forget About Flossing

The germs which cannot be killed by brushing are killed by flossing, so you must floss at least once a day. It is majorly because flossing reaches to those parts of the teeth where the bristles of your toothbrush cannot. It is the best way to keep your gums healthy, lessen the chances of plaque, and control inflammation inside your mouth.

4.    Teeth Whitening at Home

There are multiple ways of teeth whitening at home, and they are pretty simple also. Oil pulling and brushing your teeth with baking soda are two of the most common ones — these help in fighting with the formation of bacteria inside your mouth which is the foundation of the deadly oral problems. Hydrogen peroxide is another widely accepted teeth whitening agent, and it can also kill bacteria in your mouth.

Always remember to prevent the formation of stains on your teeth as these are very adamant and tough to be removed.

5.    Drink More Water

Water is the best drink for maintaining your overall health. Drinking water after every meal and after intake of any food helps in removing the food particles before they stick to your teeth. It is the best way to keep your teeth protected till you brush or floss your teeth.

Drinks containing sugar and caffeine should be avoided as much as possible as these are the foundation of acid formation in your mouth and corrode the enamel of the teeth.

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6.    Always Do Mouthwash

The effects of brushing become more effective when it is accompanied by rinsing your mouth with a good mouthwash. Significant benefits of mouthwash are:  lessens the quantum of acid in your mouth, goes into every corner of the mouth and cleans the areas which brushing cannot, specifically the gums lines, and gives fresh breath.

Like toothpaste, there are numbers of mouthwash available in the market. So, discuss with your dentist as he can help you to select the best one, depending on your oral health.

7.    Visit Your Dentist At least Twice a Year.

While practicing healthy dental habits at home is essential, it is also imperative to visit your dentist at least two times a year. These visits can help you to treat calculus, plaque, cavities, and other oral conditions. A dentist can help you to spot potential problems which you might not be able to realize, and he can help you to resolve them before they become fatal.

Abide by the above simple pointers staunchly, and over a period of time, you are going to notice the change on your teeth whitening before and after these. , and you will save yourself from some of the probable complicated oral diseases!

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