5 Incredible Brain Power Strategies that Improve Memory, IQ, and Mind Power

5 Incredible Brain Power Strategies that Improve Memory, IQ, and Mind Power

Your brain is undoubtedly the most important part of your body. The heart may keep you alive, but your brain is what makes you human. It causes us to feel emotion, it is the reason why we can solve problems, and it helps us gain control over our lives.

The great thing about us as human beings is that we can easily enhance our brain power simply by willing to do so. So whether you want to increase your mind power, your IQ, or your memory, you can easily do so if you want to. There are hundreds of different ways to improve and enhance your brain power so that you can be a mindfully strong person. We will be discussing a few of them below:

Picking up a New Hobby

Picking up new hobbies is one of the best ways in which we can enhance our brain powers. As we grow older, we slowly but surely lose interest in developing hobbies; after all, we are all massively busy in our own lives to worry or think about learning a new skill and making it a hobby.

But, learning a new skill can open your mind in ways that you didn’t even think were possible. You get to explore and tap into new regions of your brain and create a way for you to escape from the mundanities of your real life. You can keep your mind occupied for hours and not think about the worries of your daily life either. A relaxed mind is a powerful mind so it will further help in improving your brain power.

And no matter what anyone says, you can learn new skills at any time in your life; be it painting, playing musical instruments, or writing poetry.

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5 Incredible Brain Power Strategies that Improve Memory, IQ, and Mind Power book Reading Books

We cannot stress enough on how important it is to read books to improve your brain power. TV shows and movies have not and never will replace the integrity of the written word because of the massive impact it has on most of us.

When you read a book, you focus your mind on every word. You create an imaginary world in which the scenarios in the book are being visualized in your head. Very often, some integral parts of the book wiggle their way deep into your memory and you remember them all the time.

Now with the advent of Kindles, it is so much easier to read books than it was a couple of years back. You can navigate and search for synopsis and notes while reading the book so that you understand it perfectly. You can easily find the Kindle in Malaysia which should make it even less of a hassle for you to read.

Playing Mind Games

There are a lot of games and activities that require you to use your brain in different ways. If you play these games frequently, you can improve the workings of your brain variously.

For example, many memory games can help you strengthen your memory, like sequence. Other games like chess that require a fair amount of strategizing can also help you improve your mind power.

Once you start playing these games frequently, you will notice that you can use your brain much more effectively in real life as well.

5 Incredible Brain Power Strategies that Improve Memory, IQ, and Mind Power talking

Socializing with People

One of the best ways to enhance your mind power and enhance your IQ is by socializing with other people. It is difficult to talk to different kinds of people since you are often unsure of what to say to them. But once you figure it out, you will have conquered a huge obstacle in your path to improving your brain power.

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For example, if you want to talk to a figure of authority like your boss or a professor and cannot muster the courage, just shut your mind for a while and go and speak whatever is in your head. It may take some time, but after a while of being able to socialize perfectly well with people, you will see that your mind automatically knows what to say to every kind of person.

Other than that, when you become habitual of socializing with people, you find it easier to empathize with them better than you were able to before. Empathy is also a crucial skill to build in your prime. It helps in increasing your IQ and your EQ, which strengthens your brain and makes you self-aware as well.

5 Incredible Brain Power Strategies that Improve Memory, IQ, and Mind Power breakfast

Eating Right

This could be the most boring point of them all, but it is essential. Compounds such as omega fatty acids and anthocyanin improve your memory and brain power and are found in foods like fatty fish, walnuts, and blueberries. So make sure you improve your diet at the right time.

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