The Top Essentials That You Have To Bring Camping

The Top Essentials That You Have To Bring Camping

Camping is all about reconnecting with nature and enjoying your time “roughing it” in the woods. But, the degree to which you find yourself roughing things out is largely going to depend on your personal preference, the amenities in the area, and how you like to camp.

While it’s important to find a balance between comfort and being right there in touch with nature, there are definitely some essentials you will want to pack with you on your next camping trip. These things will help keep you safe and, yes, a little more comfortable under the stars. Here’s a look at them!

#1 A Camping Toilet

Going to the bathroom in the woods is probably the most dreaded part of camping for any individual, no matter how much you like to “rough it” while you’re out in nature. That’s when others will see you as the savior of the day simply by seeing you choose a portable camping toilet.

A portable camping toilet can be easily “installed” into nature’s plumbing. In other words, some are as simple as digging a hole and positioning the seat over top of it. Others are much more sophisticated with water and pressurized flushing, depending on where you’ll be camping and what comfort level you want to achieve.

#2 A Good Cooler

There are many things a good cooler can do for you. And, by “good”, generally that means one that has been proven to keep ice in still somewhat solid form even after a few days out in the woods. This means you’ll have cold beverages and ice for the first couple days and still a good deal of “cool” beverages for the last couple days of your trip.

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A well insulated cooler can be super handy for ice storage and will especially be useful if you are going to do any sort of hunting or fishing while you’re out. It will help keep the catch of the day fresh until you have time to enjoy it, and nothing beats a nice cold drink after a long day in the sun.

#3 Cozy Sleeping Arrangements

Maybe you want to camp out in the open air underneath the sun. Perhaps that calls for a parachute hammock that you can string between two trees so that you can really feel immersed in nature while being off the damp ground, away from the critters. Or, maybe you’d prefer to be a bit more secluded inside of a tent.

For those who are seeking even more seclusion, you might even look into a camper shell that can be installed in your truck or an air mattress that can fit into the back of your vehicle. Or install a camper awning to protect from sun and rain, and you can sleep under the stars! No matter what level of comfort/nature immersion you choose, just be sure that you bring some cozy sleeping arrangements with you–nothing beats waking up refreshed and ready for a fun day in the woods without a bunch of bug bites and a neck cramp

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