Four Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Four Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Keeping kids active in the summertime is important. Getting them involved in an activity or two keeps them physically fit and opens the opportunity to learning during the summer break. Look at four ideas to consider for your child or children.

Horseback Riding

If you have a child who is interested in learning how to ride, then taking a horseback riding lesson once a week is a great idea. An experienced instructor can teach your child how to handle a horse with confidence. Plus, your child will learn how to groom a horse and put on its saddle and bridle. The cost with this activity would include a riding hat, boots and a fee for lessons. Horseback riding is an activity that makes for a memorable summer.


Swimming and summertime go hand in hand. Your child can meet up with friends each day and swim at the neighborhood pool. Or, your kid can go to a swim camp and compete with other kids in competitions. If your child doesn’t know how to swim or needs some guidance, private swimming lessons can be a favorable option.


Tennis is an activity that gets a child’s heartrate up and exercises lots of muscles. Taking lessons or joining a summer team made up of other kids can be a great way to make new buddies. Your child may be inspired to join the team at school and endeavor to improve their skills.

Volunteering at an Animal Shelter

Volunteering at an animal shelter can give an older child both exercise and a sense of accomplishment. A volunteer at an animal shelter gets to take dogs out into an exercise area and run with them to keep them in shape. Also, volunteers get to spend time with animals to calm them, so they are ready to go into new homes. Your child is likely to enjoy feeding, petting, walking and working with the dogs and cats in the shelter. The best part is they will be helping animals that need new homes.

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Lastly, these are just four ideas for summer activities appropriate for kids. Sit down with your child and discuss them along with others that come up. If your child doesn’t have a preference, he or she can try a couple of them to find a good fit.

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