3 Easy Things To Focus The Mind

3 Easy Things To Focus The Mind

Take a moment and contemplate the art of focusing the mind. What does that mean to you? To the Zen Buddhist it might be the stillness outside of thought. Or maybe the feeling of transcendence. To a ball player or musician the focus of the mind might be in the moment, totally aware, in a state of intuitive flow. To the average crossword puzzler it could be getting into the groove and banging out the New York Times crossword puzzle with ease.

There are some effective ways to focus the mind. Some techniques take a lifetime to master like meditation, and sometimes focus and clarity come if fits and starts like the sparks from a flickering flame.

Whatever the motivation whether it be to compete in an industry or live a stress free life in retirement or simply to live a life on the path to spiritual purity, whatever the reason may be, focus is key. When it is aligned with intent it can be even more helpful but this type of mental awareness needs to be grown strong over time. This is where these top 3 things can come in handy at any time to help focus the mind on demand.

Focus is needed at all stages of life from childhood to the adult years up and over the hill to sunny retirement and all along focus can make life so much easier.

1. Riddles

Riddles for kids help them concentrate on a problem and look for a creative solution. The  brain lights up across all hemispheres and lobes under scanning observation. It’s clear that riddles invigorate the mind, just the flex of thought is enough even if they couldn’t figure it out. The release from the answer is also exciting especially when the click, that ah ha moment lights up in the child’s eyes upon realization of the answer.

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2. Gardening

Moms and Dads alike must find their moments of clarity through focus activities during the day, that are outside. More specifically any outdoor chore that is repetitive. Anything really such as pulling weeds, raking leaves and debris or even planting flowers and watering the lawn. The number one is planting and tending a garden because of not only the journey and interaction directly with the soil and the sun but also the reward at the end of the vegetables to eat. The ones you grow always taste sweeter don’t they?

3. Crossword Puzzles

Many people, including the elderly love crossword puzzles. Many in home caretakers and the elderly have found a mutual fondness for crossword puzzles and spent time together working on them. Sudoku was growing in popularity throughout the turn of the century but it never had the staying power and draw that a solid crossword puzzle demands. The mental gymnastics in terms of word-smithing, recalling and figuring that goes into solving a crossword is tremendous. That is why they are complex, to fortify the mind and bolster mental growth.

There are a million different ways to focus the mind. These three are fun and are rewarding at the same time. Take time and practice one of them. If you are young, try a riddle, or even more mind bending try an enigma. If you are middle aged take up gardening, your future self will thank you. And if you are a senior in your silver years, well then work on your favorite crossword puzzle in the morning after breakfast while having coffee or listening to the news. Boom you are smarter already.

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