Ever Heard of Nitro Coffee and Tea? Read This!

Ever Heard of Nitro Coffee and Tea? Read This!

Majority of us begin our days with a cup of tea or coffee. These beverages are great for breakfast. There are many varieties of them in the market. An example of such is nitro coffee. Served from a keg and containing fizzy gas just like beer (check here), it provides an alternative to traditional types of coffee. Many people consider nitro coffee to be a hipster fad. However, it is entering the mainstream. Some beverage providers have found a way to make nitro coffee and tea available for long periods of time without going stale. Here is more about this.

Nitro coffee and tea now available for longer

A new method of brewing and storing nitro coffee and tea has been found and is currently being applied. It is known as Craft Draft. This new method is stable, natural, and able to produce nitro beverages that taste authentic. This method of production ensures environmental-friendliness through sustainability.

Craft Draft also reduces the price of tea and coffee beverages for consumers. Thanks to this style of preparing nitro coffee and tea, they can be prepared in advance. After that, their flavors are infused in a stable way. Other qualities that are produced by the Craft Draft process include:

  1. The beverages are safe for human consumption.
  2. The coffee and tea are able to maintain their flavor profile for long periods of time.
  3. Clean kegs are used to hold the beverages.
  4. The nitro coffee or tea can stay in a refrigerator for 90 days without going stale.
  5. The nitro beverages can stay for 30 days in room temperature.
  6. The dispensing system provided by the Craft Draft system eliminates the need to prepare the beverage.
  7. Craft Draft makes the process of serving nitro beverages foolproof.
  8. Organic ingredients are used to prepare the nitro coffee and tea.
  9. Pure nitrogen gas is used to preserve the beverages and make them fizzy.
  10. Craft Draft uses pure water.
  11. No preservatives of an artificial nature are added to the nitro beverages.
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Where can Nitro coffee or tea be served?

This type of beverage is normally served in specific locations. It can be found in food service establishments that have high volumes of people. Nitro coffee and tea is also served at sports centers, entertainment spots, and live events. The beverage is also served at the airport and campuses of tertiary education too.

Restaurants, bars, and coffee shops also serve nitro coffee and tea. Convention centers serve this beverage and so do hotels. Resorts, health care facilities, and convenience stores provide nitro coffee and tea. Last but not least, this beverage is a staple in modern offices.


Nitro coffee and tea are unique forms of these common breakfast beverages. A company that produces them usually has a large manufacturing space, tea blending equipment, coffee roasters, and keg filling machines. Nitro coffee and tea contain Nitrogen gas.

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