Real Nutrition Techniques for Real Weight Loss

Real Nutrition Techniques for Real Weight Loss

You have heard of a million (and one) fad diets and have seen a bunch of miracle pills that claim to help you lose weight instantaneously. However, even with the marketing behind some of the most “amazing” ways to lose weight, there remains tried and true techniques to truly lose weight.

Although you likely want to lose weight immediately, the truth remains that losing weight the quickest way is the way that typically takes the longest. Persistence and consistency are the keys to making sure the fat comes off and you get the shredded body that you have always wanted.

That said, here are real nutrition techniques to help you really lose weight:

1. Eat carbs only when you need them

Although cereal and bread can sound appetizing and can be touted as heart-healthy gain foods for you, the truth is that your muscles and your liver can only store so much glycogen (energy from carbohydrates), and after that, energy from carbs is either typically disposed of or either stored as fat. Need to know more about Ketosis and fat loss? Then the answer to the question lies in how you utilized your carbs: choose wisely.

2.  Eat good fats: but not too many

Although good fats from egg yolks, avocados, and certain types of nuts are touted as healthy and a great alternative to higher carbohydrate and low fiber foods, you CAN go overboard. Sure, eat a handful of nuts or two whole eggs, but don’t let the idea that these fats are good for you allow you to eat too much. After all, a calories is still a calories…and eating too many calories will make you fat.

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3. Eat protein with every meal

It is important to get your protein in with every meal that you eat. You should also be aware of the overall amount of calories as protein still counts towards your daily caloric intake. However, calories from protein tend to take more energy from the body to breakdown and also work toward making you feel satiated and full. Eat protein first along with your fibrous green leafy vegetables, and then finish off with any fats and starchy carbs!

4. Count your calories

Don’t feel like counting calories or weighing your food: that’s understandable. However, in order to truly understand your daily caloric intake, you need to at least count calories for a few days to get a handle on it. Almost EVERYONE who does not know how to count calories DRASTICALLY underestimates the caloric intake they have on a daily basis. Count them a couple times and get a clue!


I hope you enjoy those real techniques centered around nutrition to help you lose weight. Remember that short-term gimmicks and tricks are typically exactly just that: gimmicks to get you to buy something and not necessarily a sustainable way for you to lose weight. Stick to the basics and do yourself a favor by creating a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable for a lifetime.

Have some tips for nutrition to lose weight for good? Add them here in your comments below!

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