Face Map your Health with the common Face Pimples and Spots!

Pimples and Spots female face

Our skin is a photograph of our overall health and hygiene, revealing what’s exactly going on inside us! While some teenage girls suffer from acne and pimples due to hormonal changes, on the other hand, most pimples, spots and zits can reveal much more than just hormonal imbalance and oily skin.

Your pimples and zits talk to you, do you listen carefully?
Yes! Pimples on different parts of the face have a lot to say about the wellness of your internal organs.

If you haven’t thought about this aspect from this angle yet, here is how you can communicate with each pimple and how you can tackle the underlining issue so that the specific pimple never returns!

The Forehead

Some of us are cursed with pimples on the forehead, that too, the size of peas! But don’t worry about them as you can get rid of them by noting down the underlining problems. The forehead pimples suggest you have:

  • A Bad Diet
  • A Diet filled with Fat
  • Bad Sleeping Patterns
  • Diet full of processed food items
  • Stress

While 5 factors can be determined by simply witnessing pimples on the forehead, in order to overcome them, one has to stay away from fatty foods and processed foods such as ready to cook meals, 2 minute noodles, microwave pizza, etc.
By increasing the quantity of water daily you can also help eliminate these pimples. Most importantly, those with forehead pimples should sleep ideally for 7-8 hours every night.


Your Pink Cheeks!

Your pink cheeks can turn into red cheeks with all the spots, pimples and zits showing, basically being a nightmare!
Worry no more and listen carefully as your cheek pimples are trying to tell you something. These pimples suggest:

  • Allergies
  • Diet full of Dairy products
  • Stress
  • Came in contact with a dirty towel, phone, hands, etc
  • Bad makeup products
  • Respiratory Issues

All these 6 issues can cause pimples on the cheeks. Wondering how to distinguish the basic problem? Simple. Drink enough water and eat enough green vegetables to reach a pH balance more towards alkaline.
If you love dairy products, put a stop to it for a few weeks. Stop using someone else’s towel, don’t greet someone by kissing on their cheek or vice versa. Don’t touch your cheeks with dirty hands and definitely stop smoking. Voila!

Nosey Nose!

Apart from smelling amazing scents, awful smells and sneezing, our nose is also prone to badass pimples and zits!
Our nose spots reveal how our health is suffering from:

  • Indigestion
  • Bad Diet
  • Puberty
  • Issues with Pancreas
  • Bad Blood Circulation
  • Tension

These 6 problems can be revealed just by looking at pimples that pop up on the nose. In order to avoid them, simply indulge in a healthy diet where you opt for green veggies, fruits, other veggies, balanced portions of meat and definitely dairy products. By eliminating processed sugar from the diet, one can improve digestion and reach an ideal pH balance.
When a person gets stressed out, the T-zone can become oily and zits can pop out untimely. Help your nose stay fit by taking care of your health daily!

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Lips and Chin

While we believe zits and pimples near the lips and chin might be caused by poor makeup choices or wrong lipsticks, however, this is not the only case. The pimples on these parts of the face can disclose:

  • Hormonal problems
  • Genital unhygienic issues
  • Kidney issues

With these 3 unusual problems, who knew ordinary pimples could tell so much! Well, as for the pimple eradication, firstly avoid using public toilets. If the need be, use tissue paper thoroughly. Do not use soap on your genitals as the pH balance needs to be maintained at all times.
As for kidney issues, lack of hydration can be the main problem. Drink up to 9 glasses of water daily, that too, while sitting as more nutrients get absorbed. Lastly, as for the hormonal problems, ditch all the processed foods, junk food items and opt for fruits and veggies.

Now that you are aware of what the pimples try to say every day, see yours and try to figure out what the underlining issue is!

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