13 Reasons Why Couples Who Train Together Stay Together!

Couples training on bikes together

Training for a big event is hard work. But it’s a lot more fun when you and your significant other tackle it together. Couples training together often find that they get all of the health benefits of training along with the added benefit of a better relationship. Keep reading to hear 13 reasons that couples who train together stay together.

1. You look forward to the big day together

When you train with your spouse, you’re both looking forward to the same event. Be it a marathon, physic competition, or just the day you reach your goals. That gives you a lot to talk about. Your adrenaline kicks in, and so does your partner’s, because you’re both looking forward to the special day. When you share your anticipation, you literally have chemistry working in your favour.

2. You both appreciate the budget

Training isn’t cheap. You need shoes, protein, supplements, nutrition and (if you’re a cardio bunny) oh, so much Body Glide. If your partner trains with you, they know and appreciate all of these costs. That can save an argument when it comes time to pay the bills.

3. It’s fun to plan as a team

Deciding what event to train up for is half the fun. You can talk about where you want to go, where you should stay and the most important consideration, which is what race or event has the coolest finisher medals. Sharing ideas with your significant other can give you a lot to talk about.

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4. A little extra encouragement

Your partner is great for a pick me up during those tough training days. We all have days that we just don’t feel like getting out of bed, putting on all the gear and drinking more protein shakes. Having your encouragement team literally in house helps you make sure you don’t miss those workouts. When you reach for the same goal, you find a lot of common ground and gain a deeper appreciation of all of the ways your partner helps and encourages you.

5. Training tips

Couples training is helpful because your partner can give you tips and ideas. If you have a blister issue, your partner might have been there before. They might have ideas about how you should be lifting, or what gyms near you are the best for weights/cardio/resistance. When your partner helps you succeed, you appreciate what your partner does for you. This can bring you closer together.

6. It makes planning easier

When you’re training for a big event, it helps to have a partner that appreciates the time commitment. You don’t have to have arguments about how a long gym session takes two hours or how you need five days a week for your workouts. Partners on the same page aren’t frustrated when they both appreciate that training is a big commitment.

7. You appreciate the hard work

If you or your partner’s been training for a contest you’re probably going to have a big medal which will have a prominent place in your home. You might even spring for a display case for your trophies, awards, photos and medals. Mutual appreciation can do a lot to bring a couple closer. Group victories give you shared experiences for reminiscing years into the future.

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8. Meal planning

“But I need to eat pasta again, I’m training tomorrow!” Couples who train together don’t have to argue about whether tonight’s meal needs to be heavy in carbs or whether to buy recovery food on this week’s trip to the grocery store. The answer is always yes.

9. Time to talk

Training time is couple time. Even if you don’t workout on the same equipment, you still have travel time to get to your gym, race or even to your obstacle event. This gives you quality time to talk with your partner about whatever you have going on. This is a great way to connect with your partner on a regular basis.

10. More finish line selfies

Training together means lots of partner selfies at the finish line or on the stage. Because who doesn’t like all those likes? Don’t forget to tag your partner! Celebrating together is a great way to build each other up for lasting couple hood.

11. You agree on what to do on Friday night.

When you’re training up for a big race or event, there’s one thing to do on Friday night. That’s to set out your gear for the next day, eat some carbs, and get to bed early.

12. You’re more adventurous with your partner

If you have your favourite guy or girl training with you, you might be more willing to try a new weight, training technique or a new race. This can give you more confidence, which in turn can bring your relationship closer together.

13. You see each other vulnerable

Training is hard work. Sometimes you’re not sure if you can do it or if you’ll meet your goal. Seeing your partner vulnerable and working through it together can lead to lasting intimacy.

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