Injury Doesn’t Have To Mean Duvet Days & Disney Films

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When an active person suffers an injury, it isn’t just the physical discomfort that makes you ball up your fists, it is the regression of your fitness. It is all part of the growing frustration, as you sit staring out of your living room window, pondering all those hours of exercise you are missing out on, pinching your waist as if that is how to measure your injury.

Unfortunately, resting up is part of the recovery. But toning your active lifestyle down a couple of notches doesn’t mean you have to pack it in completely. After all, burying your head into a pillow after a day of watching twelve episodes of Gilmour Girls isn’t going to help.

No. Staying active is imperative to your recovery – both mental and physical – and, if you pick the right activities, it can actually aid your recovery.

Hydrotherapy woman in water injury

The Power Of Pilates

This was once considered to be an activity for elderly women, but it has shaken off that stereotype over recent years and built up a reputation as an incredible form of injury rehabilitation. The reason for this is, pilates gently works your muscles and helps your body get back into the right balance after an injury has been suffered. But the best thing about pilates is that it can be done anywhere. Of course, we recommend you go and see an instructor, to begin with, so you know what pilates is about and what the aim is, but it can just as easily be maintained through Youtube videos.

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Happiness Through Hydrotherapy

This is essentially just a scientific way to say swimming can seriously help your body recover and in a risk-free environment. Don’t believe us, then take it up with the world’s top physiotherapists who use this technique to help top athletes recover faster. The reason it is so effective is that it allows you to be active through a range of movements, without placing pressure on your body. The best thing about this one, you don’t need any specialist equipment, just a pair of swimming goggles and swimsuit, or trunks, of your preference. Another massive benefit, it can be used for so many different conditions, from a muscle injury to arthritis. You become weightless, and that is what makes it so effective.

Time To Get Into Yoga

In its most basic description, yoga is a low-intensity exercise that is performed with careful consideration. That has to be one of the most attractive sounding sentences to anyone that is desperately looking for something to do while they recover. Even better than this, it won’t just aid your recovery, it will actually improve your flexibility, balance, and strength at the same time. That must have made your ears prick up a little bit. The chance to recover and improve instead of learning all the words to all the best Disney films. Of course, there are different types of yoga, so it is well worth speaking to a doctor and finding out which one will best suit your current needs. Chances are it won’t be aerial yoga, sorry.

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