10 easy ways to Start Exercising and Stick to it in 2017

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Making a decision if easy, but will you have the drive and determination to stick to it? As time passes, obstacles come, and responsibilities pile up. Odds may be against you, but we’re here to give you a list of 10 easy ways to start making some changes and find the will to make them happen with the latest workout motivation tips.

1.Pick a catchy/important date to start exercising

It’s a good idea to pick an important date to start exercising, e.g. your birthday, new year, every 10th, 15th, and such. “I’ve been working out for three months now”, or “Yeah, I began training just after new year” – it catches your attention, doesn’t it?

The day when you decide to begin training will follow you through the coming months and years, so why not pick the one that matters? Picking the date is also an important step when making the final decision for most people.

2.Enlist in a gym

Some people like training at home while some like training in gyms. There are different types of gyms that are either expensive or cheap, equipped with high-tech or basic equipment – we won’t go into detail.

The important thing about working out in a gym is that you’re going to be aware that you are spending your money and time on a place that started to feel like home. People usually get accustomed after several months. Professional trainers will be able to help you if you are wondering how to motivate yourself to eat healthy and exercise.

3.Write down your progress

Progress is what drives you further – if you’ve hit upon an obstacle, recognize it, write it down, and overcome it. Writing your progress down on a paper will let you know how far you’ve come in how long. This step is pretty important, as you’ll remind yourself of where you’ve been and where you are now.

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This step won’t directly affect your performance, but it will boost your motivation significantly. People often write dates, types of exercises, weights (for weightlifters), and such. Be creative.

4.Find a workout buddy

Exercising solo is really good – it boosts your self-esteem, you won’t have anyone in your way while you work out, and you can take a break whenever you want. However, exercising with a partner is very different – ideally, you’ll have a common goal, and you’ll help each other out with difficult exercises.

This way, you can be sure that you won’t “fall asleep”, “get lazy”, or similar. Training in a group is also very productive for people who lack the determination to stick to their decisions.

5.Make no compromises

The moment you think “I don’t feel like exercising today” or “let’s skip leg day” is the moment when the game is over – you’ve gotten lazy, and your decision to exercise won’t bear much weight. Making compromises with yourself is the last thing you want to do if your decision to train is serious and well-thought.

Whenever you get the idea of going home early, skipping a day in the gym, or anything similar, you should remind yourself of the notes you’ve made. Repeat “I can do this!” for as long as it takes, and get back on the mat. You will thank me later.

6.Learn the value of hard work and sweat

People who don’t train find sweat repulsive. It’s true, it smells and it’s sticky. However, people who train find sweat as an aphrodisiac – it’s a material evidence that you’ve broken your body in order to look and feel better.

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You can always take a shower at home or in your gym, but you’ll have to learn the value of hard work and sweat at some point. If your work could speak to you, it would say “I’m the proof that you’ve been through some tough times. I know how you feel, keep up the good work!”.

7.Remind yourself every now and then – “I can do this!”

“I can do this!” is the phrase that should catch on pretty quick in your vocabulary. Training and exercising is hard – it wears you out, your mental and physical capabilities will be tested, but you’ll reap the benefits soon enough. Repeat this phrase whenever you feel like you should take a break.

8.Constantly increase the tempo

Jogging for 5 minutes a day won’t get you very far. You should always increase the tempo of your exercises, at least by a tiny bit. Run faster and longer, lift heavier weights, do more pushups. There are no limits or rules that would bound you at how you should train, but you should transcend your earlier self in order to progress.

9.Check yourself out in the mirror often

“Mirrors are the reflection of your soul”, and there’s a very good reason why you should check yourself out every once in awhile. See the burning determination and observe the results. Don’t get too egoistic, though.

10.Buy yourself some exercise/workout gear

Equip yourself properly after you’ve decided to start training. You’ll learn that by simply doing pushups and squats won’t get you to where you want to be. Small weights, skip rope, cardio monitor – these are just some of the training gear you would want to have for maximum results.

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