How Not to Give Up on Your Weight Loss Plan

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Do you want to get that perfect summer body? Or you just want to be healthier and feel stronger? Since many people are struggling with weight loss on a daily basis, it doesn’t come as a surprise that we only hear about how difficult and draining it is. Well, it definitely does not have to be that way, and here’s how to change it!

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Enjoy your routine!

Going to the gym, drinking lots of water and preparing healthy meals do not have to be seen as daunting tasks. Incorporate it into your daily routine and don’t think of it as a temporary thing. It’s a new lifestyle and should be adopted as such! So, when you’re making that healthy meal, don’t think of it as an extra chore. Instead, think of it as a fun process of learning new recipes, and focus on how you’re going to enjoy that food when it’s done knowing it’s healthy and that you know exactly what’s in it! The same goes for going to the gym or for a run. It won’t eat up your entire day – it is a part of your day. It is your “me time” that you are devoting to yourself.

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Make it fun and colorful

Make a colorful exercise schedule in your notebook and fill it in every time you complete a training session! Not only will it be a fun activity that’s tightly connected to your exercise routine, but it will also provide you with a very clear overview of your progress, which can be very motivating! You can do the same with the food logs – try drawing the things you eat instead of writing them down. This will also add an extra element of fun to your weight loss journey.

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Don’t do it alone

If you are really committed to losing some weight, don’t go into it alone. Find a friend or a family member who has the same goals and dive in together. This works even better if the two of you are in a similar shape, so you can exercise or go running together without anyone slowing you down. This beneficial for many different reasons, the most important one being – you have someone to keep you in check. If there’s nobody checking up on you, it’s easy to start neglecting your routine, skip every other practice or sneak in unhealthy food into your diet. When there’s someone doing it with you – it can also be a group – you will feel a much bigger obligation and won’t give up so easily!

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Try new things

Doing the same thing over and over can get very boring and even more demotivating. So make an effort to try a new thing every few weeks. Not only will it be an exciting concept, but you might also find a favorite hobby! Sign up for a month of yoga, or find a marathon that’s coming up and prepare for it. Go swimming every weekend, or get soccer training equipment and try it out with some friends! The same goes for food! Try new recipes, flavors, and cuisines. Just because you are eating healthy doesn’t mean that you are limited to just one type of food, nor does it have to be bland and gross!

So, get that body moving, restock your pantry with healthy and yummy guilt-free options and start losing those extra few pounds you have always wanted to get rid of! Make sure you track your progress, and don’t give up, because results do take time, but they don’t take forever! Just imagine how you will look in a few short months and there you have all the motivation you need!

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