Best Gym Exercises For All Round Fitness

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A lot of people in the gym tend to solely focus on the one area of their body that they want to improve, be it increasing muscle mass or losing weight in one specific area (which can’t be done anyway), but to do so is to overlook a crucial factor in our fitness: to be the best we can be, we have to have a good all round fitness, not just cherry pick the areas we work on.

If you’ve never approached the gym in this way before, then don’t worry: all that is required to change your habits is a dash of knowledge and a pinch of willpower. Incorporate some of the exercises we’re outlined below into your gym regime and you’ll be on your way to stellar fitness.

Throwing Punches

Most people feel oddly intimidated by punching bags, believing that they are best reserved for would be Mike Tyson’s. But don’t discount a punching bag too soon, even if you are a lover, not a fighter. Spend some time doing a punching bag workout and you’ll be improving your stamina and your metabolic rate. You’ll also be using a number of muscles (especially if you add legs to the workout) that aren’t easily exercised. All in all, lifting weights isn’t the only reason boxers are ripped. There’s also one other reason…This is the guideline to choose the best heavy bag.

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Skipping Ropes

The skipping ropes reputation as being a child’s toy masks its benefits, which are plentiful. Ropes are ideal for burning calories and improving your all agility and fitness. It’s also great at improving density. Affordable and fun, it’s the perfect workout when you’ve got a few extra minutes and don’t have time to hit the gym. Plus, you’ll be able to actually revisit one of your childhood pastimes without experiencing a second childhood.

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Glutes and Hams

Very few people ever say, “today I will focus on my glutes and hams”, but we have no idea why. Great glute ham developers – known as GHDS – bring a wide range of benefits that you’re more than likely missing out on. It’s a highly effective workout, strengthening your glutes and hams and also helping to prevent injuries related to the back and hamstrings. They contribute well to your all round fitness, but can also be hugely beneficial to those looking to build upper mass as it offers a core foundation.

Row, Row, Row

You rarely see people who are serious about getting in shape sitting down at the rowing machine, but it’s actually one of the best exercises you can include in your routine. Why? Well, you’ll be using more muscles that the majority of other exercises, for starters. You’ll also be helping to shape and define the areas of the body you’re using, and you’ll also be getting a thorough cardiovascular workout. Lower body, upper body, weight loss…the benefits of the humble rowing machine goes on and on. But be aware that incorrect use of the machine can lead to injuries, so it’s best to ensure you’re following proper technique before you start getting too into your rowing.

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