Four (4) Ways to Boost Testosterone (and feel better) NOW…

Four (4) Ways to Boost Testosterone (and feel better) NOW...

I was recently asked by a co-worker about taking certain types of testosterone booster supplements. Being the practical person that I am, I sat down and explained to him the self-regulating cycle of the HPTA-axis and how hormones work in general: this all of course without offering OFFICIAL medical advice. I am no doctor.

We came to the conclusion that although testosterone boosters may not be right for him (nor would testosterone replacement therapy), there are certain lifestyle changes that could be made RIGHT NOW to both increase testosterone in men and to also make one feel much better.

Women, keep in mind that the goal here is not for you to increase your testosterone; but these techniques and habits WILL make you feel better and contribute to your overall sense of well-being.

Take note. Here are the four (4) best ways to boost testosterone and feel better right now:

get more sleep

1) Get more sleep.

This one is probably obvious. But even so, a large percentage of the adult population in America does NOT get the required amount of sleep (or even close to it).

In fact, working adults with children often average sometimes between 6 and 7 hours of sleep a night: with a hectic work schedule, the kids’ practices, and exercise in there, this is NOT enough.

Do your best to prioritize sleep. Make it a necessity and set a bed time. If you can, go to bed earlier so that you can start earlier the next day and wake up feeling refreshed and deeply rested.

drink more water

2) Drink more water.

This one may not directly correlate to increasing testosterone, but it will help flush out any impurities in the body and keep the bloodstream pumping and delivering.

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Drinking at least 1/2 your weight (in pounds) in ounces of water per day, plus getting some water from the foods you eat, will keep you hydrated, alert, and in optimal hormonal condition.

If all else fails, just remember this:

A healthy cell is an energized cell, an energized cell is a hydrated cell, and a hydrated cell is a fat-burning and muscle building powerhouse of a cell. DRINK YOUR WATER!

eat more lean meats

3) Eat more friendly-fat foods.

These are the types of fats that everyone is telling you to eat these days. In fact, I wrote a post not too long ago on the Top Ten (10) Best Sources of Good Fats (just click the link).

These fats include (but are not limited to): fish oil (supplement and whole foods), avocado, coconut oil, lean red meat, and eggs, eggs, and then some more eggs! Eat fat to get lean! In addition, check out more testx core and testo boost reviews by visiting the site in the link.

lift heavy weights

4) Lift heavy weights.

This one may be less obvious to the novice than the above three, but lifting heavy weights can contribute mightily to healthy and balanced hormone levels.

In addition, lifting heavy weight (still within your range of good form and control of course) can also increase fat burning capabilities (increase metabolism), build dense muscle mass, and strengthen one’s immune system.

Lifting weights at ANY age is the right type of training to perform for hormonal optimization and overall good health.


There you have it. That is my list of the four ways you can boost testosterone right now: remember, there is NO magic pill to boost your testosterone; and, just like anything else in life worth waiting for, the longest and most sure-fire route is the proven and tested right way to go about things.

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It also often takes the longest…but it’s worth it!

Don’t fall for the gimmicks and the hype; improve your health and your hormones today by getting more sleep, drinking more water, eating more good fats, and lifting heavy weights.

Have ideas on how to naturally boost testosterone and increase your overall quality of life? We’re all ears here: please comment and write your thoughts below so that we can add to the list. Thanks!

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