Are Impress clear aligners a good option for adults?


For many years now, orthodontics has not only been a treatment for children and adolescents, but adults also want to have a functional, harmonious and aesthetic smile. However, these patients place higher demands on the discretion of the treatment and require braces that interfere as little as possible with their lives.

This article explains the various advantages of invisible orthodontic treatment with clear aligners for adults and the precautions they should take.

Advantages offered by clear aligners in adult orthodontics

The Impress invisible orthodontic system, carried out with clear aligners, has positioned itself as one of the most used options to improve the oral image, it has numerous advantages, mainly in adults as it has different benefits that will be explained below:

Prevents heart disease

Different studies confirm that oral infections generated by a bad alignment of the teeth can be related to the risk of suffering a heart disease. For example, the accumulation of harmful bacteria in the mouth, in addition to causing gum problems, can be ingested into the bloodstream and damage the heart valves.

Solves phonetic problems

Teeth are key to making sounds, speaking and communicating. Therefore, if the teeth are not aligned or are in the wrong position, this can lead to lisping or whistling sounds.

Effective and painless treatment

As Impress has already been mentioned in different articles in their  blog, the invisible orthodontic system is a comfortable, hygienic and, above all, painless treatment, which is one of its best advantages.

Better sleep quality

Having a healthy mouth improves rest and thus the quality of a person’s life. According to various experts, dental alignment influences rest, which is essential for staying healthy. Moreover, incorrect habits can influence the bite, generating excessive pressure on the teeth which, in the long run, can lead to different pathologies such as bruxism.

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Which adult patients are recommended for this treatment and is it for everyone?

Currently, the Impress clear aligner system is indicated for practically all patients with dental problems. If there is any movement or malocclusion that is less predictable with removable appliances, this is known in advance by the professional and the necessary auxiliary mechanics will be implemented to complement these movements. 

It is currently a very broad and versatile system, which can be used to treat children, adults, adolescents, periodontal patients, surgical patients, etc.Its cost is similar to that of traditional braces and is compensated for by the ease of cleaning, greater comfort and the ability to remove it on certain occasions and the great acceptance, above all by adult patients, who otherwise would never have considered wearing orthodontics. 

Are there any precautions to take into account for this type of patient?

There are certain precautions to be taken into account throughout the process of orthodontic treatment:

  • It will be essential to have the guidance, direction and advice of an orthodontist who is a specialist in this area.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly renewal will be of utmost importance for a meaningful result.
  • The patient should wear their invisible aligners permanently, although they may be able to eat without them.
  • Good oral hygiene will be necessary to prevent any further problems with the teeth.
  • Discuss any doubts, discomfort or concerns with a professional to avoid discomfort that could be prevented.

In short, the Impress orthodontic system is a great option for adults who do not want to undergo traditional orthodontics. This clear aligner solution offers an easier path to a straighter smile. It eliminates the feeling of bulky braces and can be removed for eating, drinking and brushing. The alignment of the teeth allows them to brush and floss more efficiently, which will provide patients with optimal oral health.

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